July 2006


First I would like to compliment you on a great web site. My question to you is, I have been contacted by a Russian girl from my yahoo personals. I am not sure if she is for real. She has not asked for money, only my address and phone number. I only gave my address. She doesnt really respond to my questions in e-mail. She sends my lots of pictures. Some of her letters are very sexual and she says that she loves me. I find this hard to believe that with just e-mails. She also says she is going to visit me in the near future. One more thing thats odd is her e-mail address its at lilyway.com. Does this ring a bell? These e-mails sound to good to be true. I hope they are true.

Thanks in advance,


I’m starting to realize that what we have going on here is a pretty special thing for many guys like you and I. I’d like to expand this but I’m also realizing that I can’t do it all by myself so I’d like to get your assistance in getting the word out.

So here’s what I’m asking for.

If you are participating in any Men’s related sites or blogs and If you see value in what I’m doing here then please post any comment you wish about this site to alert their members. I’ve taken a stab at this myself but it comes off as too much of a shameless self-plug I think and I haven’t received any responses yet. Likewise the same goes for any sites related to Men’s divorce, relationship issues, etc.



I hope you guys aren’t skipping any of the comments that others are making. There are some real gems of knowledge and experience.. So please read em’ and put your own 2 cents into the pot as well. I’m going to periodically highlight some of them as a front page post for you to see.. Just like with what we have below..

I am seriously involved with a Russian woman. I just returned from St Petersburg where we spent four awesome days together. It is an easy trip for me. I am an American but living in Germany.I intend to contribute to this site on a regular basis. For now I just want to say that everything you have in your entries is 100% dead on my friend. I especially enjoyed your bit on how Russian women treat their children. I have truly never seen anything like it. I was exposed to it in a big way on this last trip.

This is a badly needed blog/site, there is so much nonsense out there on the internet around Russian, Ukrainian, etc women. Those of us who have spent a lot of time there or live there like yourself can do others a great service.

If you are fortunate enough to win the heart of a genuine Russian (or Ukrainian, etc) woman you are a fortunate man indeed.


Hey Guys.. If you dig what I’m sharing with you then please DIGG my posts!

Hot new social networking service like digg, del.icio.us and Yahoo MyWeb are allowing people to connect in amazing new ways. Use these sites to connect with other men who are interested in learning more about Russian women and you can also connect with other Russian women who visit my site too!

Personally I love Digg.com and I would like my stories to be listed with them but I need YOUR HELP. At the bottom of each post you will see the “digg” link. If you enjoy what i’m saying then please help me spread the word. Just click it and it will pop up an easy submit form with the information from the post you are reading already entered. Just type in the number code in the bottom and click submit and you are done! If this is your first time to use Digg then you will need to setup a quick account in order to participate.

Likewise if you already are a member of Del.icio.us and Yahoo MyWeb then I’ve also included those links below so that you can also submit my posts to them too. With Del.icio.us and Yahoo MyWeb make sure you enter tags at the bottom like “Russian Women” in order to meet others who are interested in this subject. Also if you are new to these services then signing up for a new account is just as easy as with Digg.

Please be generous and click away! If you still want more good reasons to share then click here.

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For some strange reason many guys who have experience with Russian women are often very secretive about what they know and will do VERY little to promote this in order to help their fellow man to find love. I personally think that this is based on a bogus and selfish belief that says, “The more men that find out about Russian Girls.. the less there will be for me!”

Well… NOTHING could be farther from the Truth.. And there are some key reasons for this. The Men who succeed the most are the ones who collaborate closely with each other to develop the best strategies and plan of action.

And yes.. it’s called team work.


I wanted to take a moment to re-visit this whole idea of what makes up a “Genuine Russian Woman”. If you read my earlier post about Women and the Development of Society you would have understood that one of the most important ways to categorize women from a man’s perspective is to know if she is a “Supporter” or a “Competitor”.

When I describe things at this deeper level we can for now just completely ignore nationalities… Russian Girl, American Girl or Andromeda Galaxy Girl.. make no difference because the fundamentals are all the same.

Gentlemen, let me cut to the MOST IMPORTANT fundamental thing you need to know..


I’ve had several guys bring up information that the divorce rates in Russia are stated as being higher then in the US. With this info in hand they are banging on my door and saying..

Hey Man.. What the Hell is this? How can Russia be the land of milk and honey when you and your honey can turn sour?

Now did you honestly think that I wouldn’t have a good answer for you? Common guys have some faith. ; )


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