It’s funny how the little things really make your day.

It’s hot where I’m at in Siberia right now but it’s got a good breeze. Boarded the bus to go home and an attractive young tall Mediterranean looking beauty walks up to me and starts speaking English asking me if I’m going to get off at the next stop..

I smiled and told her nope.. my stop is the one after hers.. I of course ask how she knows me and she gives me this delicious smile and says that she is a university student where I teach at so she see’s me often. Bus comes to her stop we exchange warm glowing goodbyes and then she leaves.

You may be wondering..

Why didn’t you get her phone number you dummy?!?

Well because this stuff happens all the time here and I already have enough girls in my life!

All goes to show.. It’s just the little things like this that make you glad you are a MAN.

And that’s probably one of the main things I’m trying to communicate to all of you guys.

You guys deserve to feel like this as well and to reclaim your confidence with all the Manly energy you can possibly vibe and project out into the world.

Being surrounded by beautiful warm and friendly girls like this just really brings out your Mojo like nothing else.

And that ain’t no BS.

It’s good to be alive my friends..

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