Well.. I’ve finally done it..

I’ve finally established my personal beach head against the feminist powers that be and now I’m ready to break out with a major assault to free my fellow brothers from their emotional, financial and physical bondage.

As Morpheus once said to Neo and as I will say to you.. “The truth is that you are a slave..”

Slave to what you ask? Do you really need me to answer that? Well OK…

Guys no matter how far we “advance” it’s in our genetics to mate.. no duh right? Well here’s the kicker.. it’s also in a woman’s DNA to do the same BUT.. feminism is a very seductive virus which persuades all of the girls who are infected with it with the idea that career and “self-fulfillment” (which usually translates to how much can they steal from some poor guy who is stupid enough to marry them) is more important then family.

So you poor guys end up literally being slaves. We will get more into this in a later post but for now the most important thing I want to convey is this..

Men there is a land on the other side of the world where the traditional ways still rule and for good reason. A land where women are really women (and not men in disguise). This land is Russia and the other CIS countries of the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Baltics. We will only concentrate on Russia for now but you get the point.

I will do my best to post my observations and insights to help you MAKE YOUR MOVE..

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