Summer time in Russia..

Bloody incredible gentlemen.. you will never see anything like it as the girls walk past you dressed up more for the cat walk as opposed to just a simple walk to the store.. What seems like countless beautiful tight bodies lying in the sun on the river’s shore or just walking down the street during a dusk that doesn’t begin till 10:30pm..

There is no doubt in my mind that referring to mating season for women is not just a joke but a very real fact of mother nature. These girls instinctively know that they only have a few months to show off their wares and capture a man in the process.. and show it off they do.. So what you would consider only a stripper or hooker would wear in the states is commonly worn here by all girls no matter how “good” or “bad” they are.

Beer seems to be the main drink of choice for the younger girls so the local guys go to little mini-marts that dot the landscape and spend about 50 rubles (or less then 2 bucks) on a giant 2 liter bottle of beer complete with plastic cups. Then the tradition is to hang out on some park bench or building corner to consume. Public drinking at it’s best or worst..

About half of the girls you see are “good girls” who don’t drink beer and will just enjoy some bottled water or a soft drink. Walking is the national past time (because there is precious little else to do activity wise) anytime the weather permits like today.. So even now at 2am there will be quite a few number of young couples and groups of people walking around.

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