Just when I made my last post I remembered a weird experience that happened to me years ago in Silicon Valley.

I was in a trendy Mountain View new age type book store. And in this type of place they have tons of books on Alien and UFO conspiracies which I absolutely DIG reading about..

Fun stuff..

So anyways there’s this surfer looking guy in the same section browsing books on some star people from the Andromeda Galaxy.. He was actually a decent looking guy who looked like he should be hanging out with the beach chicks in Santa Cruz..

Anyways I start a funny conversation with him about the book he’s reading through and asked him what it said about the Andromeda Galaxy People..

So get this.. in a totally serious expression and desperate tone of voice he looks at me and says..

“I’m trying to find out about their women..”

“Ahh.. What for..” I reply..

He monotones in that same longing voice..

“Because I really would like to meet them.”

My jaw drops.. “No kidding dude?”

“Well yeah.. I. I.. just want to talk to them.. that’s all..”

This is one of the moments in life when I realized that If I ended up staying in Silicon Valley I might end thinking like this poor bastard myself.. I could hear a voice in my head just like in the Amittyville Horror movie saying.. “GET OUT..”

And so out I went..

And life has been pretty good since..

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