I don’t know about you but I’m the kind of guy who will try almost anything to see what it’s all about. Years ago when i lived in California there were a group of guys who would gather to practice their pickup techniques on various girls in shopping malls, restaurants and clubs.

Most of the material they used was based on two different works.. One was called Speed Seduction by Ross Jefferies and the other was called Double your Dating by David DeAngelo. Now some of this stuff is VERY effective in getting girls to feel attracted to you or getting past their resistance to get physical with them..

HOWEVER.. Here’s the catch.. What is the big picture here?

Is the big goal just to score sex off of some girl who probably has little or NO qualifications for being a loving and compatible partner and wife?


Is the big goal to find someone WHO IS qualified to be your loving wife and partner?

Get the Picture?

Once I came to Russia I sure did.. I realized why go through all the effort to learn how to seduce or attract a girl when you are probably fishing from the wrong pool of girls in the first place?!

OK so you managed to get laid.. Congratulations.. You like that nice empty feeling inside that comes afterwards? You want to be with THAT for the rest of your life? Or worse.. You want to have kids with that and end up getting divorced within a few years and having to pay heavily for many years to come.. and I’m not just talking financially here..

Now if you really want to understand this concept.. just think about Diminishing Returns.. and the amount of time, energy and money you will need to put into something that will quickly over time give you less and less and less and less of what you truly desire as a Man. So guess what happens when she get’s more and more and more.. and you get less and less and less..

Well it’s called a sick Co-dependency guys.. and you are on the losing end of that very bad deal.. Do yourself a BIG favor.. DON’T go there.. If you don’t know what Co-dependency is you can Google it.. But in a nut shell it’s fear that the girl you have or desire is ALL you are ever going to get.. So you better do everything in the world to KISS HER ASS and to make her stay with you. Hmm sounds real tasty eh? Well lots of guys convince themselves that it taste like the best supreme pizza they ever had because they are too “afraid” to try something else. That’s like a junkie saying that he’s too afraid to stop sticking a needle in his arm..

Now don’t get me wrong.. I’m all for expanding your knowledge and of the two works mentioned above.. the Double your Dating material is quite fulfilling and valuable and has it’s uses here in Russia as well. However whatever personal construction tools you decide to load up on.. just make sure you are building the right home that will LAST for you and your WIFE.. and not a dingy tin shack for some crack whore.

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