There’s this film maker named Aaron Russo who is putting out a documentary film about the secret powers that control the US government.. namely the secret private bankers who control the Federal Reserve. So his new film is called America – from Freedom to Fascism. Anyways on this film’s website there is a nice video interview clip of Mr. Russo.

In the clip he makes the claim that he was friendly with one of the Rockefeller boys and was told that the whole Women’s Liberation movement during the 60’s and 70’s was promoted and orchestrated by the secret elites in order to get women into the work force to increase the income tax revenue base that the US government could collect on!

This is certainly one of those.. “Holy Sh*t..” moments if you ask me.

It gets deeper too..

Russo goes on to state that Mr. Rockefeller’s additional justification for manipulating American women to go into the workforce with this socialist anti-male, anti-patriarchy propaganda was to force the women to put their babies into state promoted day cares and schools as early as possible so that the government could influence the children early on with the same ideologies!

Check out the site:

and the video for yourself:

And then after you watch it.. Grab your guns and run for the hills guys.. American women (and now our kids) are being turned into the BORG!

And BORG’d women don’t need a husband or kids.. they only need to have their mind’s jacked into Oprah, Madonna and MTV for emotional support (read: Ego Support)… and the welfare socialist state (read: Extortionate Alimony, Palimony & Child Support) for financial support..

I can just hear Oprah cheering on her all women audience and guests.. “YOU GO GIRL!”

The raw deal for us guys is that we are supposed to break our backs carrying this socialist load of crap for the BORG girls.. while at the same time it was never intended for us to finally get the normal girl of our dreams as reward for this hard work..

Ahh but that’s the way THEY SELL it to you now don’t they???

You Guys all know the drill… Just work hard.. make lots of dough (oh and pay lots of taxes too..).. buy a NICE house (ie Mortgage your future and freedom away) with a NICE car or two.. AND MAYBE you can have SEX with a pretty girl who cares nothing about you and only about your Platinum Visa and the number of Zero’s on your bank account statement.

I could go on and on.. but I’m sure you get the picture.. and I think you understand that there IS a better way..

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