About 3 weeks ago I was introduced to 2 visiting guys from the US who to their credit were determined to find the hottest girls in the world. These guys were serious world travellers and they had been around… One of them was a 747 pilot and the other was a Real Estate developer from Miami. They had basically buddy system’d their way into countries where they had heard that beautiful girls existed…

So they actually ended up in places like Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine and now Russia. They were on the final leg of their 30 day excursion through various Russian cities when we met. I’ll call them Mr. J and Mr. B..

Their verdict?

The girls in Siberia were by far the best they had ever seen.. not only beautiful beyond belief but very friendly and accessible too. What especially impressed them were the sheer number of girls who were of this caliber. They are seriously talking about migrating back here and purchasing a condo in the process in order to join me in paradise..

Mr J. was a one man dating machine during his time here. I was impressed at how instantly he would see an gorgeous girl and just hone right in on her and get her number for a date. I’m estimating that Mr. J must’ve had dated at least 10 girls here within a 2 week period.

There were many other cool things that happened while Mr. J & Mr. B were here and I’m sure I will talk more about that in a later post.

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