Turns out that Mr. B is also from my neck of the woods in Silicon Valley where we were both grew up in very well to do surroundings near the exclusive foothills of the South Bay. In case you aren’t familiar with this area you are dealing with some of the most expensive real estate (and cost of living) in the US if not the world.

When you look up the word “Rat Race” in the dictionary you will find in subtitles.. “Living and Working in Silicon Valley..” Granted it’s probably one of the most physically and environmentally beautiful places on earth BUT… For a man your choice in a quality women is pretty damn slim to none.. and what good is heaven without a hot and devoted girl by your side?

Sorry but I’ll take hell with a hot girl any day of the week..

So basically Mr. B’s eloquent assessment was this.. Most of the successful guys in SV work like hell.. get addicted to buying lots of toys in the hopes that it will impress the chicks.. but then end up being miserable because they get the losing end of the stick either dealing with their loneliness or worse.. with an existing toxic relationship to a mediocre woman who has way more options then he

Mr. B says that he was lucky because he joined the military and ended up travelling to the Philippines when he was 22 and that really expanded his mind to what women were like outside of the US. From that point on there was no turning back no matter how many times he went “back home” to Silicon Valley.. He knew that the grass REALLY WAS greener on the other side! So that was a key thing which launched his intrepid and worldly explorations forward..

Perhaps the most important insight that Mr. B ended on was this.. No matter how many times he would tell other guys back home about what options were available women-wise for them beyond the US..

MOST of the guys were too AFRAID to move forward with it!

Now as screwed up as this seems I wasn’t surprised by this because I had been through a similar experience with my own buddies. It’s funny how when you are young and going to school everyone boasts about wanting to travel the world and expand their horizons. Yet when it comes down to it.. most of them back out when given the chance in their lives to do it.. (I’m sorry but taking the 2 week guided bus trip through Europe doesn’t cut mustard in my book..)

The point i’m trying to make is this. Clearly no matter what your current situation is.. we MEN are SUPPOSED to make our own opportunities in life especially when it comes to finding the best WOMEN for ourselves. You cannot achieve cool things or even advance your life unless you are willing to take RISKS. Most “Modern Guys” living in 2006 have really lost touch of this and you can chalk up another quiet victory for the feminist who want to condition this essential manly trait out of us and our sons.

So are you gonna just sit there and take it on the chin? God I hope not..

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