The British SAS which is the UK equivalent to our US Navy SEALs have a really cool motto that I just love..

Who Dares Wins

For Men like us.. Better words have never been spoken…

Here’s the rub.. and I wish this wasn’t true.. But most guys are chicken sh*t.. Or they are slowly turning into chicken sh*t because of the way society wishes to shape them into being more “in touch with their feelings” or “in tune with their feminine side..”

What a bunch of horse pucky!


God literally tweaked your DNA over many generations for Conquest!

Now i’m not emphasizing raping and pillaging ok?

Cause I don’t believe that to be the path to warrior enlightenment or good karma..

But what I am talking about is not settling for 2nd best in your life. Hell if you want the hottest chick in the world by your side who also happens to really love you for the MAN that you are..

GO OUT to the Ends of the Earth to FIND HER NOW!

Unfortunately I’ve read some depressing stuff about how only 1 out of 10 guys who writes or communicates with a Russian Girl ends up actually going.. If this is true then those belonging to the 90% are pure chicken sh*t because they are just stringing the girls along for a heartbreaking ride.

And if you are one of those guys reading this blog.. Do us all a favor and don’t B.S. these Russian girls anymore. The local media along with every jealous girlfriend over here is using every horror story they can get their hands on about some lying SOB from the US to discredit all of us. And guess what.. this will only make it harder for every deserving guy to get into the end-zone.

If you don’t want to end up like other chicken sh*t guys then go out and do something.. Make your plan and if you read and participate with this blog then I will help you in the best way I can.

Knowledge is truly power guys.. Absorb it.. Use it..

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