I hope you read this 2 part post because in my mind it really gets to the root of Russian Women. In the first part I’m going to give you some insight as to the probable nature of the women in your existing environment. In the 2nd part we will continue on the overall contrasts that Russian Women provide to this.

I have a close friend named Mr. R who is a keen student of history and even keener student of human nature. During our many in-depth discussions he has helped me to understand something very profound about women and society.

Bottom Line: To understand the general nature of a woman you must understand which developmental phase of society she was raised in.

Society progresses in waves which gradually overtake each other. The phases it goes through are as follows:

  • First comes the intrepid explorers that wish to discover rich new lands.
  • Second comes the hardy settlers who make that land their home and then start developing it.
  • Third comes the builders, craftsmen & traders who wish to use their skills to build and establish their wealth.
  • Fourth comes the lawyers and the bankers who wish to make the rules.
  • Fifth comes the politicians to exploit all of this in order to enrich themselves and to make even more rules which in turn starts a vicious and downward cycle.
  • Sixth comes a passage of time where general complacency sets in within the society ultimately followed by decay and narcissism.

So let’s call 1 to 3 the “Building phases” and we can call 4 to 6 the “Taking phases” of society.

So here’s the deal.. As men we need to do our best to create new value for ourselves, our family and society no matter what “phase” we are in. Clearly some times in history are much easier at making a living then others due to the levels of competition and demand that are present. But none of this really matter for us Men because we need to go out and kick ass no mater what cards we are dealt with.

On the other hand women have a different deal.. Based on the “phase” they are in women are bred either to be Supporters or Competitors with men. And I’m not just talking careers. I’m talking about everything from politics, relationships, sex, money, influence.. you name it.

Are you starting to see the picture?

Now on one level there’s nothing wrong with more competition because traditionally we men are designed to embrace and even thrive in a professional environment where competitors are present.


Do you want to SLEEP with a Competitor?

Do you want to MARRY a Competitor?

Do you want to have KIDS or try to find HAPPINESS with a Competitor?

Sound like fun? Oh sure it is… and so were Stalin’s purges..

Obviously some of us have had more then our fair share of this kind of “fun” and we know from experience that this sh*t get’s old.. very fast.. And if you are not careful, then there’s nothing more effective then a broken heart or broken spirit to quickly put you six feet under.

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