Previously in part 1 we talked about how western women have proliferated into becoming “Competitors” because of the “Taking Phase” of society that they have been brought up in. Let’s now talk about the women that come from an earlier “Building Phase”. Women with whom I label as being “Supportive”.

Now as much as I hate Communism or Socialism which to me is just like trying to compare Coke to Diet Coke (both are bad for you)…

It obviously did one key thing which provides all of us with a very special but limited opportunity.

It set a cultured and intelligent people backwards towards a time somewhere between an agricultural and pre-industrial development phase.

Then this “Workers Paradise” forcefully kept them there for over 70 years. This all ended in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union so technically people from the FSU have only had 15 years of “free” and forward development so far.

The limited opportunity (see previous post) that we as men have is simply access to beautiful women from an earlier age who could be classified as “Supporters”.

Supporters understood that survival and any real chance at prosperity takes cooperation and sacrifice.

Supporters understand that real and lasting happiness is founded on building families where they can cherish their role as wives and mothers.

If we men existed in a building phase of society that allows us to.. well.. build.. then the evidence of this progress would be everywhere and the women would instinctively understand that to hitch their wagon to you as the “horse” in order to collectively move both of you forward is a good thing.

Now the analogy of you as a horse and your woman as a wagon may not sound so appealing at first.. but think of it this way.. In the wild.. which horses had better healthier, happier and longer lives. The wild horses roaming about, competing and trying to survive on their own or the work horses that were cherished and cared for?

Women who are supporters are there to care for you and none of you guys should make any apologies for wanting this. It’s how mother nature intended it to be. Your responsibilities as a man is also obvious since you are to provide, protect and nourish your wife and your children too.

Wow.. what a brilliant concept!

All this goes just to further illustrate my point.. that sadly in this day and age something so obvious as this needs to be brought back into the fold of our general awareness. It needs to be remembered, understood and fought for if needed..

So do Russian women identify well with this Supporter role?

I can happily say “Yes” for the vast majority of Russian girls over here.

However, this does not mean that you can go down to your local travel agent fly over here and go to the pick-up counter to get yours.

Anyone who buys into that idea.. which unfortunately is being widely and crudely marketed by many agencies.. is an idiot and a fool.

No my friends there are many variables and challenges involved… but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the challenge. For after all anything of real and lasting value takes lots of work and patience.

I understand this well..

So for you guys that are willing to take the leap..

I hope that this blog will be your first step.

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