As a matter of fact I believe your remaining time to get hooked up with a Russian lady is getting squeezed out.. I’m talking about the relative “openness” with which men in the past have been able to start a long distance courtship which led to marriage.

There are 3 thing major things that I see working against you.


You don’t think American women are starting to get a clue about the choices we have over here? Well how about this.. Some congresswoman out of Washington has submitted the Internet dating bill called PL109-162 which has just been unfortunately signed into law by the President. The gist of it is that you need to submit your police records for any past crimes or complaints against you to the woman you are interested in corresponding with and she must sign off on it before you are allowed to communicate.

George Orwell’s vision is alive and well and I only expect it to get worse on your side with more time. Just think about how romantic it is for some young lady who is required to sign off on form regarding your police record.

This sends a very scary and false message to her that most American men are crazed abusers which by the way the local state run media here is more then happy to emphasize with the horror stories that they air about exploited Russian wives.

At this point I expect that many girls over here would just say.. “To hell with this..” and walk away and take her chances in an environment where although the odds may be stacked against her at least she knows it well. A friend of mine once said, “There is no greater fear then the unknown”. I know this to be especially true with the women here and this law just feeds into that big time.


There is a controversial but popular lawmaker in Russia who last year was trying to pass a law prohibiting all foreign marriages by using the collapsing demographic (plus a big dose of nationalism) in this country as the primary justification for it. He wanted to strip any woman who married a foreigner of her Russian citizenship which would prevent her from ever coming back to this country again. Now thankfully his bill didn’t get very far and was rejected but that doesn’t mean that the undercurrent doesn’t exist to raise some other legal restriction sometime in the future.

Guys if a law like this passed you can kiss all of this goodbye because no Russian woman in her right mind would ever sacrifice her citizenship or more importantly her ability to travel back to see here family no matter what type of life she could have in the States or elsewhere. This bill was like a giant near miss asteroid just glazing the Earth’s outer atmosphere as far as I’m concerned.


Russia is getting lots of oil and gas money so therefore many places within the country are developing fast.. You should have enough of a clue to realize how rapidly this can change traditional attitudes and values especially among younger girls.

MTV is extremely popular here.. Madonna is idolized.. and we get all the same crap programming that you do over there. Sex in the City is syndicated with Russian speaking overdubs and it was one of the most popular shows in Russian TV history. Cosmopolitan magazine has been here for a few years now and as you can guess it also spews the same narcissistic and materialistic clap trap that has mentally “nourished” American women for what 50 years?

Are you guys starting to get the picture?

Good.. Now go get off your asses and start preparing for what you need to do..

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