If you haven’t followed this entire thread please read it here. There is some very solid advice there.


I am going to go ahead and post my last response to our very brave Timmy who has stepped up to the plate and posted comments like the rest of you guys should! Cheers!

Timmy what a great share and even better advice!

Thanks for sharing your tough but valuable story.. The situation you were in was no different from deciding that you want to buy a car.. Not just any car but THAT car.. you MUST have it.. and the dealer knows this. So he brings you in on the base price and starts to rob you on the accessories and financing terms.. But you don’t care you’re already locked in.. at this point everyone except you knows that you are screwed and in the back room the car dealer is laughing with his boss all the way to the bank.

There’s an old saying that I’m sure you know.. It says something like this.. if you really want something you have to be prepared to walk away from it.. This is perhaps the greatest wisdom anyone ever needs to know.

Here’s the bottom line when it comes to meeting and courting a Russian girl. It’s the old 80/20 rule. (For anyone who doesn’t know what the 80/20 rule is I would highly recommend you google it and STUDY IT.)

When it comes to courting a Russian girl 20% or less of your total efforts should be focused on the correspondence and 80% needs to be focused on face time. Most guys make the BIG mistake of having this reversed and then that’s when I can pretty much guarantee that they will fail.


Back to the car THAT YOU MUST HAVE example.

OK so you’re hooked on this beautiful car.. you want to take it for a test drive. You put the key in the ignition and turn it and… cough choke cough.. it won’t start.. You play with the clutch.. you step on the gas and pump it harder.. you make several more attempts.. FINALLY you get it to start! As you drive it out of the dealership and take it for a spin.. something doesn’t feel right.. There’s a 2 second delay between the time you step on the gas and the time the car accelerates. The engine is making VERY STRANGE sounds AND the whole car frame creaks and moans like an derelict sailing boat. You turn on the air con and it’s weak and it makes the engine lose lots of power. The car stereo sounds like crap..

Basically the car looks great but it just performs like big dog do do.

But hey the dealer keeps on coming up with GREAT excuses.. and keeps on telling you “No problem buddy.. when you take her home she won’t have these problems and besides we have a 100,000 mile or 5 year warranty plan!”

Do you need me to go on? You guys starting to get this?

You’d have to be the craziest or blindest person in the world to want to actually go ahead and take this car home! Just think of what your friends and neighbors would say! Please don’t take this personally Timmy because we’ve ALL done this to different levels including your truly. : )

If this were any car.. no matter how beautiful it was.. there would be no way in hell you’d go through with the purchase.. Why should it be any different with ANY GIRL you’re dating? Guys if the chick starts choking like a car that’s a total lemon the first time you meet her with lame excuses and poor behavior.. CUT YOUR LOSES NOW and go to plans B, C, D, E, of F.. get it? That’s why they call it a TEST DRIVE in the first place..

What I want all of you to understand is that you are there to evaluate the girl just as much (if not more) then her evaluating you. Don’t be arrogant but PLEASE have this in the back of your head and conduct yourself that way!

Your last bit of advice on taking as much time as you possibly can and dating her 50’s style is spot on brother.. You my friend have learned a VERY valuable lesson and I wish you the power to get the best in whatever you want because you have the BALLS to try to reach for it. Just be happy you aren’t sleeping with that wench. Be very happy…

Hold your head high Timmy and realized that you had the guts to step into the gladiator arena when all the spectators around you wouldn’t dare.

Keep on posting.. Cheers!

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