As men we deal with enormous environmental and economic pressures that we must somehow skillfully navigate and move forward against. One of the biggest economic factors that we face is the trend towards outsourcing.

For example, I know that the workers of Silicon Valley has been especially hard hit as countless numbers of jobs have shifted overseas. This is a hard and cold reality of life in our modern interconnected world. Money and work will always flow to the path of least resistence for the maximum gain.

If we men are subject to these laws of nature then women certainly are too. Now obviously I’m not just talking about employment here.. I’m talking about the relationship market. Guys I’m going to be blunt here.. But let’s face it.. In the US and in many other “modern” countries the majority of women have priced themselves out of the market. Their emotional, material, financial & maintence COSTS are WAY TOO HIGH for what they are supposed to “deliver”. What is being delivered is of low quality.. and worse of all.. they are a nightmare liability wise.

For those of you of soft and tender heart who object to me painting the situation in this manner I only have this to say.. Life and Love are not immune from the basic laws of economics… i.e supply and demand. You can be the greatest, richest, most handsome guy in the world but if you live on an island populated with butched lesbian fascists then you probably have a LOW probability of finding true love… or anything at all for that matter.

My take on this is simple.. If we men have to face brutal facts of life like outsourcing then by God.. just to be “fair” and “equal”.. so do the women! Wow aren’t I being “politically correct” today. : )

Gentlemen.. To this I have but one soft and humble suggestion..


Now didn’t that bring a sly smile to your day? Yes it’s good for us to be like Dr. Evil once in awhile.. ; )

But seriously I once heard somewhere that nearly 80% of Americans do not have passports which allow them to travel and that is just sad.. Some guys REALLY need to hear this message and just understand that this world of ours is a global market for life and love. You can stick to the corner market for the rest of your life or you can go across town to the Super Wal-Mart.

Here’s another fun analogy..

If you wanted to buy a very high quality diamond which would you rather do.. Go to Saks 5th and deal with their 400% markup? Sure.. you would get a nice shopping bag and a very nice ring case.. and it probably impresses someone.. for about a day or two..


If you had the chance would you rather go to South Africa or even Australia and visit a diamond mine whole-seller?

You know my answer.. I’d jump on the adventure in a heartbeat. Well guess what? Coming to Russia is the same deal. It’s certainly not for everyone but I guarantee that you will have your share of adventure and mind expansion.. And somewhere in the process if you play your cards right you just might have a very good chance at finding love..

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