It’s funny how seeing simple things makes you realize deep facts of life…

In Russia when you go to a disco they have a tradition of doing these variety type shows intermixed with the dancing. Also while the dance music is pumping they will often have house dancers on stage strutting their stuff to get the energy up.

Well on this particular night they had this girl who was just plain fat and ugly up on stage dancing.. and for some unknown reason she was clearly being hired as a house dancer to do her thing. Now out of the hundred’s of dancers i’ve seen over 99% of them were just totally hot.. except for this one.

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out this club’s hiring decision.. and it was clear that it was turning off the audience and myself included. And then those little liberal thoughts started creeping into my mind..

Now now.. she’s a human being like everyone else and she deserves to be on stage just like the hot looking girls too..

But then as I was processing that thought thank God I caught myself and made a startling realization.

Wait a minute.. this girl is fat and ugly.. life was never meant to be EQUAL so therefore that means that I and probably every other guy in that room would never try to hit up on her… (ie try to sleep with her). I came to the realization that in the US we sure as hell have our share of ugly women too and they also probably don’t get hit up on much..

SO THEREFORE they may have a much HIGHER degree of humility. Which might mean that maybe they would make good and loving wives from purely a emotional level etc.. Don’t they deserve a say in my general assessments of American women as well? Is it “fair” for me to criticize most American women the way I have when in reality I’ve actually been slamming the generally attractive ones?

But then just as I was about to go deeper into another “liberal” thought I caught myself again..


And then a National Geographic episode started flashing in my mind..

Just like every other animal species on the planet.. both men and women are VERY selective about who they choose as MATES. Biology rules.. Animals and people alike selectively breed with each other for a GOOD REASON. We need to have strong and attractive kids so that they can survive, prosper and BREED as well. If we don’t.. well that’s the end of the line for our gene pool..

So the process of selecting a mate is an extremely selfish one and it was ALWAYS meant to be this way. SO THEREFORE ugly single girls are not even in the equation for most men. SO THEREFORE they were never meant to be part of this blog or discussion.

Wow is that cruel or what.. Yes.. and that’s why they call it the UGLY TRUTH.

Side Note..

Now just to end this on a “nice” note..

Can ugly girls do things to improve their lot in life? Absolutely so I don’t feel so sorry for them.. They can choose to lose weight, fix bad teeth, dress fashionably, and a host of other things. But the bottom line is that if they want it bad enough they need to go out and take responsibility for it.

Your average Russian girl will do far more to take care of herself then their western counterparts.. So I KNOW it’s possible and can’t be so easily dismissed with some American woman’s lame excuses or laziness.

ALSO ugly women can apply the SAME laws of supply and demand to themselves! Hell if they go to China where in some regions there is a 20 to 1 ratio of men to women they should have NO problem finding a mate. I know that there’s a significant population of older Mexican men who just LOVE fat girls too! The world is an open market for these women just as much as it is for us men..

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