If you saw my earlier post about my new friend Mr. B you would have learned about some of his insights during his travels around the world. I’m going to forward another one of Mr. B’s interesting stories to you and it is something that I’m going to call the “Boiler Room”.

During his last visit to the Ukraine Mr. B decided to check out a particular introduction agency that was listed on the Internet. After locating the address he went un-announced and was greeted by a woman who was nervously surprised by his arrival. He said that he wanted to get a chance to meet one of the girls he had seen on their website. The woman began to guide him towards a room in the back of the building where they could talk. One of the rooms that they passed along the way was filled with rows of computers occupied by mostly younger women typing into them.

Mr. B was briefly able to get a closer look and then realized that these girls were hired by this “agency” to lure unsuspecting men with fabricated messages of interest and love. This agency was a full-scale fraud factory and it’s main product was an assembly line of fake love letters that were used to lure vulnerable men into advancing more money in any number of ways. Translation fees, contact information access fees, travel arrangements, you name it.. it was all part of this very bad deal.

Once Mr. B realized what this was all about he thanked the girl for her time and quickly left which was smart since one never knows what type of criminal gang is behind this operation. It was obvious that he had just stumbled upon a classic front operation that had not the slightest intention of helping men and women find love.

Years ago when I was back in California I was sure that a friend of mine was also getting bullsh*t emails like this when he was communicating with an attractive girl whose photo was listed on one of these agencies. He took my advice and quickly stopped emailing this girl since something clearly did not seem right.

The most obvious red flag that all you guys should be aware of is to immediately drop any girl who makes any kind of request about needing money. The main point of this post is to be careful gentlemen. There are many scam sights out there that i’m sure are based both out of the Ukraine and Russia to lure you into their net.

The most important question I want you to ask yourself is this. Does the agency you deal with have any financial incentive to see you fail in your quest to find a wife? Or to put it another way. Will they make more money if you can’t find a wife with their help? Finding the answer to this is key. If you arrive and the girl you wanted to meet with suddenly “decided to take a vacation” but “oh by the way we have this OTHER pretty girl to introduce you to instead” you’ve been scammed big time with the classic Bait and Switch and unfortunately this happens all the time.

I’ve personally seen some agencies go so far as to secretly sabotaging a real relationship between an engaged couple so that the man would be forced to come back and spend more money trying to meet other girls. Yes these are real horror stories and I don’t want you guys to get stuck being the next victim so keeping a good dose of skepticism is very healthy especially if your heart is starting to take over your mind because you want a particular girl to be yours so badly.

Now I’m sure there are plenty of good sites out there but for starters I myself wouldn’t think of starting any real dialogue with them unless I had access to a personal reference or happy customer that I could physically meet with. An operation like this Boiler Room confirms the worst fears that many American and International men have about Russian Women agencies. Much of this bad reputation is well deserved and some of it is not. But either way navigating through this can be a real challenge.

The bottom line is this.. One of the most valuable commodities in the world is TRUST. Trust in business, relationships and in knowing what’s real and what’s not. Do everything you can to verify before you begin to trust. And this process doesn’t stop when you come here.. nor should it stop even if you are walking down the aisle to say “I do”. Trust has to be renewed all the time and unfortunately in this part of the world common trust that we take for granted in the US is often sorely lacking.

Obviously don’t let this deter you from finding your future wife over here but just be smart and listen to my well formed advice.

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