To the Leaders and Participants of the Men’s Movement

For some time now I’ve taken an interest in the various elements of the Men’s Movement and have wanted to advocate a different line of thinking that I believe will significantly advance the well being of Western men everywhere.

Most of us intimately know the abyss of pain that comes with the dissolution of a
marriage. A pain that is often compounded with the seperation of children from
our active presence. There is no doubt to most of us that a deeply imbalanced
society has delivered a cruel irony that shreds at the very purpose we men have in elevating society itself through the raising of our families.

The road to happiness is further obstructed when we as men try to establish
meaningful relationships with women. However noble our pursuit we are still faced with degraded options, toxic behaviors and jaded material expectations.

Often all available roads lead to a broken heart that cannot easily be repaired.

In the modern women that surround us we unfortunately face an adversary that we
actually want to love. However because that desire is turned against us, to pursue
them romantically would likely spell our own demise. In the absence of trust.. in the absence of support.. in the absence of sacrifice.. we are faced with a grim calculus of competing interests. And like it or not.. for the sake of ourselves, for our future progeny, and for the very future of society itself we must change this equation.

The only way to do this is to first understand it’s underlying cause which I have
known to be simple economics. Not the economics of money or finance but the more basic economics of supply and demand.

Men qualified to be successful husbands vs. women qualified to be successful wives.

When our own society starts to promote the very idea that being a wife is undesirable then the number of women (supply) who are even willing to consider the responsibilities of marriage falls dramatically and this leads to a vicious cycle of demand on the part of men that can never be met though traditional means.

If we realize the cause then the solution becomes obvious in that we should open
up every man’s range of choices outside of the traditional domestic domain. For
some this may mean looking towards Asia or South America while for many others
like myself that path lead to the beautiful and traditional women of Russia and the FSU.

At the heart of most Men’s issues are problems surrounding women. Our own
emotional health is heavily dependent on our ability to be naturally loved and
nourished with women who are loving supporters and not competitors. Because
of this I believe that the Men’s Movement should transition it’s primary advocacy
more towards the expansion of relationship choices that we can all benefit from.

It is well known that despair comes from a feeling of helplessness in the face of long term problems while confidence comes from the realization of positive choices ahead. If we again take the economics approach and “open up the market” of options available to us then the anti-male hostility that is so present in our time will dissipate with the wind in short order.

As we all know it takes two to tango but if we collectively select a newer and better partner then someone will be embarassingly left alone on the dance floor to hold their own handbag full of poison.

It’s clear that the existing areas of focus that the Men’s Movement promotes will still remain critically important for the foreseeable future. However the stark warning that I issue is that we do not use the past history of the Women’s movement with it’s never ending focus on victim-hood as a model for our own. Instead we can focus on actual solutions that bring real joy and strength for our future.

Or in the humorous words of one of my friends,

“We can gaze at our belly or we can look towards the sky..”

Gentlemen thank you for your time and consideration.


The Editor
Russian Women the real truth – from a man who actually lives there

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