what about us men who would like to move to Russia? i’m sure i’m not the only one who would leave the U.S. for a lifetime of happiness with a loving wife. with all the opportunities for men over there. there must be a bunch of us trying to go.  Thanks, Dave

Well I’m actually surprised at how FEW men have actually done this.

I know for the example that the Ukraine is really trying to open up their country to the West in order to gain more badly needed economic growth. The Ukrainian government has dropped the entry visa requirements for American citizens who wish to visit up to 90 days. On an economic level I think this is a brilliant move on their part because it will just create more opportunities for everyone.

On a woman level some of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen come from the Ukraine and we have many of them living in Russia.

Russia I believe is more difficult to get access to for the long term but still do-able.

You would need a business visa for one year or some type of employment.

Last but not least you could get married to a Russian girl and apply for immigration status as well.

My friend Mr. B makes this comment to me all the time when he’s back at his home in the US.

“You ain’t missing much.”

Mr. B would be the kind of guy who knows since he’s lived in the Philippines and South America to be closer to the girls as well. Obviously there is a group of us “ex-pats” who have decided that it’s more of a vibrant existence to live in another country and I’m sure that number is growing as more of us look for greener pastures.

A common complaint that you will hear among ex-pats about the US is that it’s turning into a Nanny State or that it’s way too civilized and predictable.

I share this opinon because this type of mundane and stiffling environment is pure Kryptonite against our ability to be Real Men.

I have often noted that living in many places like Silicon Valley feels like it sucks the manhood out of you and makes you more feminine.

I’m sure many of you understand this.

We are constantly being pressured to think and feel more like women while at the same time our genetic traits of manliness, boldness, initiative are being systematically surpressed.

I recently adopted a male cat and I decided to conduct an experiment with his food..

When I fed my cat “Friskies” he turned lethargic, spaced out and becomes a docile little kitty.. But when I fed him raw meat his growth accelerated, his instincts became lighting fast and overall he turned into a complete BAD ASS.

We Men are the same way.

Force feed us “Friskies” in the form of any overly controlled environment and watch us throw away millions of years of evolutionary “Manliness” and de-evolve into pudgy little Pilsbury Dough Boys.

Feed us raw meat in the form of a raw environment like Russia and watch us turn into Gladiator.

I know what I’m talking about.

I lost 85 lbs (38 kg) within 6 months of arriving here just living the local lifestyle and not having any work out plan at all.

Right now most girls tag me as being 27 years old when in fact I’m much older then that. Back when I lived in California people would guess my real age and add a few years onto that for good measure!

I believe that all men who are bold enough have the option of completely transforming their lives as well.

Coming to Russia and finding yourself a wonderful woman is only a part of that.

The much bigger picture is how YOU choose to transform YOU.

This my friends is a big part of what I’m trying to communicate to you in this Blog.. because at the deepest level it ain’t really about the chicks..

It’s actually more about you!

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