We all know that the traditional way of meeting girls is to sign up with one of the many agencies that you see on-line. Some are legitimate and some are outright frauds. I would make sure you get some references from people that you can talk to directly if you decide to deal with them. What I would personally recommend is another tact all together. But first let me give you some background.

When you go through an agency everyone has this major expectation of getting married right away. Now here’s a shocking revelation for you.. In Russia or any other FSU country that is not considered normal.

The vast majority of Russian Girls are just like any other girl in that they want to date and have a normal courtship with as much time as possible before they make a life long commitment.

This is one of the main reasons why there is a real social stigma for Russian girls who join agencies. This is not something that they would brag about to friends and family. In fact the vast majority of them that do join agencies will do anything to keep it a secret because it seems a little too uncomfortably closely related to being perceived as a prostitute or a desperate woman. Russian women are traditionally very proud (and I want to heavily emphasize this fact) so an agency listing just runs completely counter to this. Now this does not mean that the girls who join agencies have these negative backgrounds at all. I’m just simply telling you truth as to the way Russian society in general frowns upon this and how it affects the girls.

The other issue is this. Often times there may be various financial conflicts of interest that cloud the integrity of all involved. For example a man may pay a certain amount of money to meet one or a group of girls. When he arrives he see’s a huge variety of girls just around town that have nothing to do with the agency but the agency will not help him to meet them because their are only getting paid to deal with the girls he’s originally picked.

Starting to see the problem here?

Also the girls themselves are naturally going to question why they are being introduced to this particular man. Is it only because of the money that the man is paying the agency? This may create an additional hurdle that needs to be dealt with properly or else it may scuttle any potential for trust and relationship. A potential red flag for this would be if the agency is charging fees related to the number of girls you meet or the number of times you require a service like interpretation. Now although this may be perfectly legitimate due to the amount of effort and time required to deliver these things.. In the back of your mind you should still realize that a monetary incentive still exists for you to fail and not to succeed. So look out for that.

Depending on the process used traditional agencies may still have much to offer but I would also go with a backup plan outside of the agency as well. This to me is the smartest way to meet girls and to have the greatest chance for a successful trip.

Develop friendships with people in Russia that are not connected with an agency.

Many younger Russians are starting to have more of an on-line presence with different portals just like in the US and the rest of the world. We have Yahoo, AOL and MSN they have services like Rambler.ru and ICQ. ICQ by far is the most dominant instant messenger in Russia and one of the best ways to find new friends on-line in this part of the world.

When you meet people on-line.. Make it known sometime during the development of your chats that you are looking for a specific kind of girl to meet and to have a long term relationship with. If you are talking to a girl on ICQ for example it may not be that girl. But she has friends.. Probably lots of them too and would be just as happy to play matchmaker for her and you if she likes you.

This my friends is a MUCH BETTER and MORE NATURAL way to get aquainted and to meet. When you make friends and connect with their friends you have something very valuable called “Social Proof” which basically means that if one person close to a girl says you are OK then she will immediately accept you as being OK. This type of Social Proof doesn’t normally exist with agencies no matter how much they tell the girl you are interested in that “you seem like a nice guy from your letters”. It also works the other way for you.

You want “Social Proof” as well and traditional agencies just can’t provide that for you no matter how much they say they “know” the girls that are in their database. No one knows a girl better then her girlfriend and this is especially true here. If you can access this then you are way ahead of the curve. Obviously the more the merrier.

Strategically I would only concentrate on one city during your trip to Russia. It gives you more time to focus on the girls you’ve met so you can date and stretch out the “getting to know you” part as long as possible. So pick the best city for you. If you go through an agency and focus on 1 or 2 girls in a city then do the same with ICQ or Rambler for that city. Now keep in mind that although you can easily find English speakers with ICQ this will be more of a challenge with Rambler since it’s all in Russian.

So your first order of business is to find a good interpreter and guide both online and also during your arrival. I would try to cut a seperate deal with the agency for example to see if they would be willing to get paid to either be your interpreter or to find a good one for you. This is important because it keeps the interpreter in your camp to assist only you and not some other potential interest.

It totally helps to be generous with all involved. Send or bring gifts to all involved that you need help from. It doesn’t have to be expensive just thoughtful and maybe something unique from your part of the world. This along with a little bit of money (only when it’s needed to pay for something necessary) will prime the pump for you and help spread your bets more evenly across the table. Never use money as a gift it sends a terrible message and can set you up for many bad things during your trip.

The more you come across as a responsible and caring man to all involved the better you will be. It should go without saying that crass, sexual or arrogant communications will get you locked out fast. Diplomacy, humility and charm is the order of the day.

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