What are the warning signs we should look for in the e-mails we receive from women in russia. i know if they ask for $$ to cut and run, but there must be other “tricks” they use. is there a list available for us to read. thanks for all your help and the info. that you give all of us.


Hello Mr. David,

One obvious way of checking is to see if you get a message back that feels like it could easily fit with any other number of guys.. i.e. a form letter.

If you are going to write letters to a girl don’t make them too long but try to put some details of your life into them. If you get a reply that has just a passing or zero reference to your life then I’d say there’s a good chance that you are dealing with a fake.

Another thing to evaluate is to see if the letter looks like it could have been written by a narcissist. If the message is only about her and seems self-absorbed then it’s either a fake or you are writing to someone with a character that you don’t want to be dealing with. The more girls you write to the more you will get a feel for what’s going on. Keep the tone respectful and avoid sarcasm, sexual comments or jokes that only you and your buddies would understand.

Do not make any promises and just keep the tone of the letter anchored on the type of life you want to build and the type of girl you want to build it with. Guys whatever you do for God’s Sake DON’T fall in love with a girl you are ONLY writing to!! Dumb Dumb and Dumber.. This happens more often then you would think and you are just setting youself up for a very big disappointment.

Good Luck!

P.S. Don’t forget the 80/20 rule. Writing emails is all fine and good but it’s only 20% of the deal as compared to meeting and having quality time with them which is the other 80%.

Hey There,

Just wanted to say that I read your blog today and it was quite refreshing to get a good point of view on the subject of russian women.

Do you have any information pertaining specifically to what to look for in a genuine russian women. Also are there any agencies that you recommend or do you recommend just taking some vacation time in one of the cities and meeting a girl that way.


Kris J

Hello Mr. Kris,

Thank you for the compliment! I’ve known for a while that this blog is badly needed wisdom for a large number of men so it’s been a real pleasure to chalk up a few points on the Karma scoreboard.

Well.. you picked a lite subject today didn’t you! ; ) The issue of “Genuine Russian Women” is a subject that I’m going to get more deeply into on another post. But for now the most important thing you should concentrate on is what you want in your life. Many things are possible out here in terms of traditional feminine qualities that just simply seem to be non-existent in the US. I’m a firm believer in the hidden powers of the mind in that the more you are able to visualize something the more tools the universe gives you to make it happen.

One bit of wisdom I’ll give you straight away is to try to avoid the girls within the 18 to 22 range.. I know I know it’s hard to do and I’ve broken this rule plenty of times myself.. BUT if you don’t have a high tolerance for games then this is the range that you should avoid in general.. Yes there are always exceptions but the odds are against that. This rule is especially true if you are looking for a real wife and not a plaything.

As far as strategies for coming here read my previous post about meeting and making new friends on the Internet. I would use that as a foundation to start with and then explore other agencies if you wish “in addition” to that.

Keep reading and keep posting!

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