I’ve had several guys bring up information that the divorce rates in Russia are stated as being higher then in the US. With this info in hand they are banging on my door and saying..

Hey Man.. What the Hell is this? How can Russia be the land of milk and honey when you and your honey can turn sour?

Now did you honestly think that I wouldn’t have a good answer for you? Common guys have some faith. ; )

But before I give you the answer I’m going to quiz you in my Monty Python-esque way to test your wisdom in order to see if you are worthy to cross the bridge over the Chasm of Doom.. So in my best screechy high pitched laughing evil hermit voice.. hee hee hee hee.. I say to you..

What is your name?

What is your favorite color?

Given a 50% and greater national divorce rate in the US.. What is the percentage of women who INITIATED the divorce?

tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick….

Give up? Did you get tossed into the Chasm of Doom for not knowing the answer?

Well guys here it is..

In the US it’s nearly 70%..

Yes you heard me right.. A dominant and majority percentage of US and Western women are the ones to first pick up the phone to call Mr. Divorce Attorney who just so happens to specialize into turning you into Mr. Big Alimony or Mr. Bankrupt or Mr. God knows what..

Now how does this relate to Russia with a higher divorce rate?


Roughly take the same percentage of divorce initiators and flip it from the women to the men.

Guys. It’s a sad but true statement.. A huge percentage of Russian women are treated like complete commodities here. Something to be used, discarded and upgraded once the shine wears out in their spouse’s eyes. One of the huge reasons as to why this country’s demographics has such major problems is the complete lack of responsibility, morality and accountability that many of our local XY chromosome carriers have.

You have no idea how many DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Divorced Russian Women I have met with a kid who have very little chances of finding a new husband because of their status as mothers. On top of that the concept of child support or alimony in Russia is treated as an on-going joke and I honestly have no idea how these women are able to make it on their own. Thank God most of them have understanding mothers that they are close to that can often help them deal with this.

On the other side of the equation are the Men. Many middle age to older guys I know of here who have a minimal amount of income to go out and play with have been married 2 to 3 times or more. No I’m not kidding. Let me tell you about 2 guys I know as an example. One is only 24 years old but he’s already been married twice and has a kid from the first marriage.. Another guy I know is about 60 and has his own small business. This joker has been married 7 times!! I have no idea how many “lost” kids he has.

Knowing what the odds are against them and what the local climate is like for single mothers Russian Women are not the ones happily calling up the divorce attorneys looking for a better deal in life.. They know there is none in doing this. The only cases I know of where Russian women have initiated divorces is when the husband has gotten physically violent with them. Other then that these women as you can guess put up with a TON of sh*t from their husbands. They often have no choice because the SYSTEM does not reward divorced women here like it does in many other places. But guys on the other hand have very few consequences from spreading their seed like the wind.

Now I sure as hell don’t want to encourage the idea that any dysfunctional guys out there in the woodwork who are looking for a Russian wife can do the same thing and that it will be OK cause these girls are used to it. No it’s NOT Ok.. But unfortunately we get our share of guys like this from the US and elsewhere who are subconsciously looking for this because they are so emotionally screwed up. (see my earlier post)

Men, it’s pure economics in numbers. I truly believe that Western Men and Russian Women are so well matched for each other not just because both groups have been pissed on for a long time. More importantly because of our shared and often very lonely backgrounds we have a much higher level of GRATITUDE towards each other. We are just simply grateful as all hell to have someone who is grateful that they have us too.

Wow what a concept..

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