I wanted to take a moment to re-visit this whole idea of what makes up a “Genuine Russian Woman”. If you read my earlier post about Women and the Development of Society you would have understood that one of the most important ways to categorize women from a man’s perspective is to know if she is a “Supporter” or a “Competitor”.

When I describe things at this deeper level we can for now just completely ignore nationalities… Russian Girl, American Girl or Andromeda Galaxy Girl.. make no difference because the fundamentals are all the same.

Gentlemen, let me cut to the MOST IMPORTANT fundamental thing you need to know..

ALL WOMEN are walking Baby Making Machines…

(And if any woman you currently know wants to TRY to deny or de-emphasize this then they are completely full of big dog do do. Try to imagine a guy denying that he has a penis.  It don’t work too well does it?)

“Supporter” Women are completely in touch with this “baby making machinery” reality.

They understand that to make the BEST Babies require the BEST Husbands with the BEST Loving Environment possible. When you read a common Internet agency profile on any number of Russian girls how often have you seen the phrase, “I want to make a happy family”. I’m willing to bet that you’ve seen this or a variation of it quite a few times. Now guys.. does it get any more obvious then this?

These women did NOT say..

“I want to be a liberated and sexually free woman who focuses on MY CAREER so that I can screw myself out of the most fertile years of my life and then go to an expensive pregnancy clinic covered by my health plan during my mid to late 30’s in order to try and get my older and deteriorating eggs artificially inseminated with some anonymous guy’s sperm de-thawed from a test tube.”

Do you need me to continue with this wonderful illustration? I didn’t think so..

Women who are in-touch with their inner “baby making machinery” don’t mess around my friends. They want what you want too.. Love, Stability, Understanding, Sex, Good Future and Family.. AND they are more honest about it as well.

Now this doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to come here and tell a girl like this right away that you love her “so let’s get hitched and make babies now!” No
Gentlemen you will still need to play the game of love… And it’s there for a very good reason too. She needs to know you respect her BUT at the same time she needs to know that you are not afraid to be a leader who will keep the family ship on course come hell or high water.

I’m not going to bullsh*t you cause most of the time this is a real challenge to pull off but with time and experience you will understand why and how you can hit the right triggers to spark the right magic. (I’m sure I’ll get more into this in a later post.. so stay cool..)

There are women all around the world that fit this qualification of understanding their “inner baby making machinery” but I am focusing primarily on Russian women because they not only deeply have these qualities but a big percentage of them are incredibly beautiful too!

So hopefully you get a sense for what a genuine Russian Woman is… It’s not so hard eh?

If you are around one and you feel that baby making machine peculating through her behavior towards you then that’s all you really need to know. She shows respect to herself because she honors the awesome power of that machine within her. The way she also behaves towards you as a man will also directly reflect this and it is the BEST way for you to discover what a Genuine Russian Woman is.. or isn’t..

Note: When you have a quiet moment I want you to seriously close your eyes and imagine what the woman I’m talking about looks, sounds, and feels like.. because this will help you answer this question in more ways then you can possibly imagine.

Now because we are spending lots of energy talking about motherhood and family this doesn’t mean that you or her are expected to create a kid production factory any time soon. It just means that when it does happen, having children along with her marriage to you will BE THE DEFINING moment of her life as it should be for you guys too.

From marriage to conception to birth to raising children.. Her ability to be a woman, a mother and a wife is her “Prime Directive”. And if you as a Man truly wants to know what a Genuine Russian Woman is at her deepest level then you must ultimately walk this life long path with her since your answer will only grow more profound with time.

If you’ve ever seen the way Russian mothers take care of their kids you would completely understand what I mean. To me there is no comparision anywhere else in the world with the simple, loving and powerful motherly energy they project.. If any of you Men are a little like me.. and if you are fortunate to see and FEEL this yourself.. you will probably stand back in complete awe and realize that you are most likely witnessing one of the most beautiful and loving manifestations in all of creation.

And you will never forget it.

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