For some strange reason many guys who have experience with Russian women are often very secretive about what they know and will do VERY little to promote this in order to help their fellow man to find love. I personally think that this is based on a bogus and selfish belief that says, “The more men that find out about Russian Girls.. the less there will be for me!”

Well… NOTHING could be farther from the Truth.. And there are some key reasons for this. The Men who succeed the most are the ones who collaborate closely with each other to develop the best strategies and plan of action.

And yes.. it’s called team work.

The other BIGGER reason is this. In-spite of all you’ve read about how bad the relationship situation is in this country for Russian Women there is a huge proportion of these women who would still not consider a relationship with a foreign man as part of their available options mostly because they aren’t close with any other girls who have done it. If more of these ladies have successful relationships with guys from around the world then it will start to open up the hidden majority of remaining women who would be interested in exploring the same deal.

You starting to get this?

For example.. In my rough estimate way less then 1% of the general population of Russian Women would actually join an introduction agency. For you guys.. if this is all you “conventionally” can have access to with a standard trip over here then what is there to be selfish about if the remaining 99% is still waiting out there in the wings?

Bottom line.. You will do FAR more to help yourself to find happiness and love if you help your friends and other men to do the same. The absolute most important thing I want all of you to try to develop is your social network in the FSU and within your own country. Cause after all you’d be completely foolish to believe that you could do all of this on your own..

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