I’m starting to realize that what we have going on here is a pretty special thing for many guys like you and I. I’d like to expand this but I’m also realizing that I can’t do it all by myself so I’d like to get your assistance in getting the word out.

So here’s what I’m asking for.

If you are participating in any Men’s related sites or blogs and If you see value in what I’m doing here then please post any comment you wish about this site to alert their members. I’ve taken a stab at this myself but it comes off as too much of a shameless self-plug I think and I haven’t received any responses yet. Likewise the same goes for any sites related to Men’s divorce, relationship issues, etc.

Now I’ll leave it up to you if you think that notifying any of the existing Russian women sites will be worth it. I haven’t had a need to be a part of that community for a few years now and unfortunately I’ve been mostly disappointed with the way they peddle themselves out there. Because of this I’ve made a conscious decision at this time to not pursue any link exchanges with them.

This is not out of arrogance.. this is out of the idea that the Men who come here have real intentions to educate themselves to the highest levels possible without the un-necessary hype. Men who are ready for a real transformation. Or a fun analogy to use would be this. I have a desire to create high performance microprocessors (like Intel or AMD) that can be used to do many positive things for users and society. In order to do this I need a very high quality “Clean Room” for precision manufacturing. Currently I believe that this “Clean Room” in the form of this site is well on it’s way towards being fully operational.

Next I need extremely pure Silicon Wafers to create these chips with. However I don’t know where most of the good silicon is but maybe you guys do. You men with your initial comments and participation have easily demonstrated yourself to be the right stuff. And you men probably know best where more of the right stuff can be found.

So to steal a line from the Marines.. “We’re looking for a few good men.” Men who share and support the same values that I am promoting with this site.

Thank you for your attention..

Yours Humbly,

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