I hope you guys aren’t skipping any of the comments that others are making. There are some real gems of knowledge and experience.. So please read em’ and put your own 2 cents into the pot as well. I’m going to periodically highlight some of them as a front page post for you to see.. Just like with what we have below..

I am seriously involved with a Russian woman. I just returned from St Petersburg where we spent four awesome days together. It is an easy trip for me. I am an American but living in Germany.I intend to contribute to this site on a regular basis. For now I just want to say that everything you have in your entries is 100% dead on my friend. I especially enjoyed your bit on how Russian women treat their children. I have truly never seen anything like it. I was exposed to it in a big way on this last trip.

This is a badly needed blog/site, there is so much nonsense out there on the internet around Russian, Ukrainian, etc women. Those of us who have spent a lot of time there or live there like yourself can do others a great service.

If you are fortunate enough to win the heart of a genuine Russian (or Ukrainian, etc) woman you are a fortunate man indeed.

Hello Mr. Rule 62!

Thanks for your support! And by all means please participate frequently. πŸ™‚

Truly awesome isn’t it.. To have such a front row seat to this level of motherly love and devotion.

Something like this is so incredible to behold.. and I have to admit that when I first witnessed it.. I felt bitter sweet emotions.. as if I had been blind for most of my life without even knowing it.

If any of you guys get a sense for what I’m “trying” to describe or if your own upbringing ran on less then a full tank of gas.. then this Gentlemen is all the more reason to devote yourself to bring this into your life and park it in your garage.

I say this for good reason.. Just like how I mentioned in an earlier post how marriage and motherhood are the defining moments for a Russian woman’s existence.. Well as surprising as this may sound I believe that one of the pinnacle defining moments you can have as a man.. is just simply to be in the “presence” of a wife and mother who can love and nourish your children the way I have seen it over here.

Your identity as a man will completely change with this for the better.. And if you welcome it and discard any existing previous emotional baggage from the past.. then any problems you may have had with society are transcended.. Because guess what?

You just created your own.

With the right attitude and with the right woman.. your home and the inner world that you share with her is much stronger then whatever lies outside your door.. or down the street. And truly this is the only real hope for the future that our society at large has… The hope that more men like us will want to have their hands firmly on the wheel of a very powerful vehicle called “family”.

This site may be devoted to the honest discussion of Russian women.. some might even say too honest ;).. but at the deeper level it’s really all about this..


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