First I would like to compliment you on a great web site. My question to you is, I have been contacted by a Russian girl from my yahoo personals. I am not sure if she is for real. She has not asked for money, only my address and phone number. I only gave my address. She doesnt really respond to my questions in e-mail. She sends my lots of pictures. Some of her letters are very sexual and she says that she loves me. I find this hard to believe that with just e-mails. She also says she is going to visit me in the near future. One more thing thats odd is her e-mail address its at lilyway.com. Does this ring a bell? These e-mails sound to good to be true. I hope they are true.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jason,

If it smells like a dead fish.. It’s probably a dead fish and especially in your case this seems to be true with this supposed “girl” who is contacting you. First off even the sluttiest Russian girls are not going to talk sexually with a complete stranger so to me that’s a dead give away. Not to mentioned the fact that she doesn’t answer your questions.

But the biggest issue is this.

Russian girls NEVER say “I love you” unless they are already practically married to you.. And even then this is not something they toss around like we do in the US. To say “I love you” in Russia is considered a very serious statement and not to be used on some funny Budweiser commercial.

As much as this must totally suck for you.. drop this one dude.. You are only obviously being played and that’s the last thing you need if you are trying to find a real relationship. It will only set you back further and put you on the wrong track.

Good Luck,

I have met a Russian lady through the internet and we have e-mailed for about a month now. After finding out through various websites, I know now that having children and a loving husband is the primary reason for seeking a husband outside their country. We met on a dating website that is 99% US women. I did not know she was from Russia till she responded to a email I sent.

She has made that clear to me that her dream is to have a family and be a loving wife with me. And I think there is a very good possibility that I would like the same. Now here is my concern! I had a vasectomy sixteen years ago, and I just started looking into a vasectomy reversal. I am finding that the percentage of successfull reversals is not good. A person could spend 10-20k and not have it reversed. Some of the medical sites recomended a sperm donor, or adoption.

I do not think adoption would be a option she would want, but do you think she would consider a sperm donor as acceptable? To me that would be fine. I was an adopted child, and I love my parents. Also I raised two stepchilden and one of my own. Thanks for any help or advice!


Hi Tim,

Before I get into the children part I really want you to take a step back, cool your jets and really study the previous post I put up about the 80/20 rule when it comes to dating Russian girls here.


You probably don’t want to hear this Tim but you’re not married yet and even if there are high expectations on both sides with you and her with the emails.. you are STILL less then 20% there progress wise! One of the biggest mistakes that a man can make is to make a move based on bad timing which is based on a false premise. So just don’t go there no matter what your heart is telling you buddy. Take a deep breath and take it one step at a time..

You still have to meet this girl and let the other 80% take it course if you still actually like each other in person. Try not to put all your eggs in one basket my friend this may become a very expensive lesson if you do.

Now saying that.. I will answer your question about children. All Russian women dream about becoming mothers. The only ones that don’t have lived in the US for awhile and have been infected with the anti-family feminist propaganda but thankfully this is few and far between. Ultimately their biological clocks take over and put an end to that non-sense.

If you get married to ANY Russian Girl (notice I’m not going to specify THIS girl as YOUR girl yet) she will naturally want to have your kids.. She will obviously be disappointed if you can’t or won’t give her what she wants.. BUT that shouldn’t stop you and her from loving each other and exploring other options. The key point for her is the loving environment. If she has this then her confidence level reaches the point to where she should feel OK with having kids.. any kids.. as long as she has them… Russian women are very practical in these matters in understanding that a bird in the hand is better then 2 in the bush.

Your previous experience as a father to two other step kids is a bonus and any Russian girl should easily recognize that.

Good Luck!

P.S. If you really feel like giving her “full disclosure” of your situation which I don’t recommend right off the bat.. I would just heavily focus on YOU wanting kids as well and that you will do anything under the sun to make it happen with her. Don’t put the carriage before the horse here. You don’t need to raise potential issues before their time.. You need to raise TRUST and COMMUNICATION first! 🙂

Hello!I read your site and I have so many questions that I was hoping you could help me with and many of them are intellectual in nature.

1 You mentioned a friend “Mr. R” when you were talking different periods that a country goes through. You said this friend of yours is history buff. I look at society today and I just don’t understand how it got this way. I would like to seriously study how it is that gender relations, and social dynamic got to be the way they are. I also want to understand how things used to be back before things got all messed up. The best way I think I could do this is by seriously studying history. But there is so much revitionist history books out there it’s hard to know what books tell the truth and which don’t. Do you think you could suggest any books or textbooks that would explain to how social dynamics and gender relations used to be and why it is the way it is today. Or if you could ask your friend which books I should read.

2 You are a mens rights movement guy right? I’m curious, are you aware of the site the-niceguy.com?

3 One thing that always fustrated me was that younger women today(20s) are really obsessed with bad boys. If your a nice guy, respectable and treat women with respect then no women are interested. But the women love to date vinnie the drug addicted bad boy. Look at all the pick up artist websites that teach guys to act like the bad boys that get all the women. So what I don’t get is why women like bad boys to begin with. Any ideas?

4 Do you think women always liked bad boys or do you think that this was always the case?

5 Do russian women love bad boys just like american women?

6 I hear what you are saying about russian women being better than american women. But I get a different picture when I look at some of the numbers for instance. The russian divorce rate is higher than the US’s. I know a couple of aamericans in russia and they say that while they are better than weatern women they also tend to cheat a lot.

7 You seem to suggest on your site that feminism is the main reason that american women are the way they are. Feminism definetly is playing a role but I see it more as a symptom rather than the cause. I was wondering if you could tell me why exactly you think women have become what they are today? In other what exactly do you think has caused the present day situation in the US?

8 Your site is awesome! I really like it. I imagine you are getting a lot of interest from readers? Men really seem to be looking into russia and other options, can you verify this? And is there a danger that too many men would go over there and ‘spoil’ the women to the point that they are no better than american women?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And any answers you could give me are appreciated.


Hi Harvey,

Thanks for the compliment on my site. It’s been well worth the effort to put this out and to generate the good vibe It’s been creating. I’ll answer your questions by the numbers..

1. I’m going to get more deeply into gender warfare in a future post but for now it’s easy to pin down in a nutshell.

Some people say MONEY is the root of all evil.. This is total bullsh*t guys…

Laziness + Ignorance is the root of all evil.

Laziness or Ignorance leads to personal and professional failure. Which in turn leads to not having material necessities or things of desire..

This in turn leads to Envy.. Envy is then exploited and amplified by politicians and “social leaders” to make the lazy and ignorant people believe that they are being “oppressed” or denied success by people who are not lazy and not ignorant. Since there will always be many more lazy & ignorant people in the world then smart and hardworking people.. the politicians will always have a willing audience who will believe any line of crap that he/she gives them of a better future with their “Social” or “Equality” oriented policies in place.

If you study history like I do you will easily see that every-time a leader or movement promises paradise (or any kind of “free ride”) for their people what they are really delivering is mass killings, genocide and complete societal chaos which sets the entire country back many years.. Sometimes permanently.. It’s just the old Bait and Switch game but on a massive and Un-godly scale.

For reference.. check out Mao and the cultural revolution, Lenin and Stalin with the great purges, Pol Pot and the killing fields of Cambodia, and of course Hitler and the Holocaust. Each one of these leaders promised a vision of Utopian paradise AND to eliminate a primary enemy who they promoted as being the cause of all of their societies problems… hence the term “class warfare”.

Never be fooled by the liberals arguing that conservative policies are just as bad.. this is outright propaganda.. the truth is that between 150 to 200 MILLION people have been intentionally killed by leftist communist policies throughout the world. Nothing else in the history of mankind comes close. And the liberals in their zeal for making “a better world” for all of us are really marching all of us down this path all over again.

No one was sent to the gulags, the firing squads, or gas chambers immediately. It was slow, methodically developed and acclimated into a society with the right combination of denigration, propaganda, and media/cultural manipulation. But over time the results were brutally obvious. Unfortunately we Americans need to wake up to the fact that many of those elements are already in place within our own society.

Feminism my friend is a very prominent branch from this root of evil. It’s original goals nearly a hundred years ago were noble (like the right to vote) but once the goals were met their modern leaders like Gloria Steinem and Patricia Ireland didn’t want to stop and congratulate themselves.. they had to keep on making up new evils to vanquish in order to keep and grow their power.. So it shifted from focusing on bad laws to focusing on turning all Men into the great Satan and oppressors of women everywhere.

The more women the Feminist movement can lie to and convince that “it’s all a Man’s fault” or that all Men are just violent oppressors waiting to “violate” a women the more these women will give up their independence and free thinking and then turn into mindless slaves themselves. But it’s usually all an excuse for some woman to sit on her ass and to dream up ways of trying to punch her meal ticket for the rest of her life.
It’s the oldest play book in the world.. which is to control a group of people by fear. And remember what Master Yoda said about fear right? “Fear leads to Anger.. Anger leads to Hatred.. Hatred leads to great Suffering..” (or something like that) 🙂 Isn’t that what’s firmly in place right now with the so called “Women’s Movement?”

During Communism’s peak to be labeled a “counter-revolutionary” on just rumor or innuendo alone often meant death or the re-education (concentration) camps. Aren’t we silently going down that path already with “Sexual Harassment Workshops” or mandatory “Sensitivity Training” seminars if you are even suspected of being a “harasser” or whatever label they tag on you?

Guy’s I’m no radical but I am pretty well traveled and have seen enough of this in many places to know that the US is not immune to this plague. In fact the more we think it won’t happen to us the more certainly it will happen. You have no idea how powerful propaganda is on seemingly smart and educated people until you’ve seen it in action like I have.

We are now entering 3 generations of women in the West who are indoctrinated with this stuff and the results are beyond bad.. If you want more proof just visit some of the Men’s sites and read up on the various Orwellian laws that have targeted us. But then again you probably wouldn’t be visiting this site if you didn’t already know this on some level. 😉

Here are also a few reading sources I highly recommend…

The Little Black Book of Communism
Eject Eject Eject http://www.ejectejecteject.com/

Anything written by Larry Elders
Anything written by Thomas Sowell

On a final note.. I see the devastating results of “Communism” or “Socialism” everyday when I step out my door even-though it ended 15 years ago. “Feminism” is just another extension of this and heaven help you guys if you ignore it.

Now saying that, I also believe that the best long term solution for this is to find youself a good woman and let these feminist grow lonely and old and ultimately fade away while you enjoy your life and hopefully lead by example to your fellow man so they may also understand what delivers happiness and what doesn’t. It is very true that we all reap what we sow.. so if enough of us do this then currently destructive things like Feminism or Socialism will lose their fangs and become a curious novelty of history.

2. I don’t think I’m a men’s movement guy and i don’t really know the website that you’ve mentioned. I’m more of a “solutions” guy. Like all men naturally are.. I do believe I have a powerful awareness of some answers that many other men have been searching a long time for.. and with all your great support I will continue to do what I can.

3. 4. 5. Women attracted to Bad boys. Great subject.. so here’s the deal..

In the US you will have a much higher percentage of women who are attracted to “bad boys” because US women live more prosperous lives and can spend more time and energy trying to satisfy their emotional vanity. These women are what I term “Competitors” and not “Supporters”.. For more info read this post.


If US women are well fed (i.e FAT) and well insulate with an extensive government “Social Net” (yes i’m referring to my 1st response above) then there is very little real challenge or danger in their lives. They get to play like the 2 little pigs who only wanted to screw around while the 3rd little pig was building his brick home. “Playing” in this case means not seriously thinking about the big picture and being completely self-absorbed.

This means that they get to focus on their emotional instincts primarily and not their logical ones. Or another way of saying this.. In the US stupid women breed and flourish but in Russia.. they quickly die off..

When women allow their emotional instincts to take over they will naturally go for the “Bad Boy” because it’s more of a sexual thrill. Also genetically and subconsciously they believe they are getting a “strong man” to procreate with them.

All women including Russian girls will always have a certain level of attraction to bad boys too. And I do see this in action all the time.. However here’s the key difference. The older a Russian girl gets the less illusions she has about bad boys and understands the consequences because she is surrounded by CONSTANT reminders of this with real homeless mothers and scores of drunk guys who look like the walking dead in the streets.

So although younger attractive Russian girls often do play major games (in-order to find the limits of their sexual power).. somewhere around the age of 22 or 23 they wise up fast because they’ve just finished school and need to enter the workforce which believe me over here is a real hard wake up call for them.

Are you starting to get an appreciation for how big the differences are between Russian and American women?

Also get this… it’s expected for a Russian girl to be married by the ages of 21 to 25.. Any older and they begin to get viewed locally as old maids.. And this is no sh*t gentlemen.. The remaining older Russian women who are still attracted to bad boys… If they can even find one.. seem to get culled by nature very quickly or have a lifetime of sh*t to look forward to.. And that is a pretty powerful reminder for the other girls to wise up before it’s too late..

6. Russian women and divorce.. read my post..


Russian women and “cheating”

Significant numbers of Russian women “cheat” on their BOYFRIENDS (this may not mean sexually) and there are some good reasons behind this from their perspective.. BUT once they get married they DON’T cheat on their husbands.

Guys, respecting marriage is a HUGE deal for Russian Women.. and they are under TONS of pressure to take responsibility for it.. to make it work.. to NOT be seen as a failed wife and especially NOT to be seen as a failed mother.

Life is hard enough as it is here for most Russian women so being labeled a whore who jeopardizes the welfare of her child will not score her any brownie points to make her life better with.

(Now compare this to the “Desperate Housewives” and “Sex in the City” mentality we have in the US..)

7. Feminism.. (see #1 above..)

8. Thanks for the support. Keep reading and don’t worry about other men “spoiling the soup”. (Read my previous post.)


Worry about yourself buddy and move yourself forward towards this goal!.

Good Luck!

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