August 2006

From Jess

Actually it is the FEMALE that is the most selective. We are made to pick the healthy men to have our babies and then the stable ones to help raise them and provide for the family. If we all followed our nature our preferred partner would be someone with good genes who is physically fit, attractive, intelligent and a good provider (sense of humor sold separately). We look for those good genes to pass them down to our children. Of course we live in a modern world (i.e women no longer need a ‘provider’) and remember that we are still evolving.

I really can’t say much about Western women because I don’t understand them. And yes I am one of them (Canadian). I’ve talked to male friends about their problems with women and I honestly can not fathom the actions and reasoning of those said females. From girls cheating to using men for their money or expecting to be treated like queens while they don’t do anything at all for their partners. A relationship is supposed to be 50/50. That’s the way I see it.

Though if you’re the type of men who expect women to be their ’slaves’ (cook and clean (kids optional) all day while looking perfect with a bright smile on her face. And have sex whenever you want and fulfill your every fantasy while you don’t even do anything to sexually please her) while you treat her like shit then I can’t help you there. Just wait for the moment that your dying and then realize that even if you had someone, you really were alone.

Also I think that we all, instead of blaming everyone else, should take a look inside. Have you though that maybe, JUST maybe, it’s you?


I was at an office the other day and I saw something that just moved me..

It made me realize that there was another kind of picture that I needed to add to this mosaic that I’ve been trying to paint for you.

On the floor where I stood, there was what seemed to be a lone cleaning lady moping the hallway of a long office corridor.. She was wearing a long bright blue apron that all cleaning ladies typically wear here. She and her worn out mop were busy dealing with the grime that was dragged in from the street due to an all too common lack of paved roads and walkways. If it rains like it did on this day then there are always muddy foot prints to follow and this young woman was unfortunately having one of those days.


(this is an expanded post from the “Ugly Girl Disclaimer” discussion thread)

I am constantly amazed at how our society has come to a point of repression to where we are not supposed to be free to use the words “Ugly” or “Fat”.

The road to HELL is always paved with “good” Feminist intentions. So in their zeal to further control our behavior by controlling our language they decide to invent new terms like “alternative appearance” or “appetite challenged”.

Communism was such a great experiment to see if these ideas for promoting “equality” were right. According to it.. if we could just make “everyone equal” we would all have a more harmonious and prosperous existence.

But what many people don’t realize is that to make everyone “equal” is to forcefully degrade everyone to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR.


I was reading a comment about American Women that really brought out a much bigger picture that I wanted to share with you.

Most American women to me are far uglier inside than they ever could be on the outside. I have met a few that certainly were not lookers in the classical sense, but they were real women without a doubt. Unfortunately, most women are loud, demanding, bitchy, rude, self aggrandizing, selfish, sociopathic and vapid beyond belief. – Taras

One may wonder what the future holds if we continue along a path where a vicious Feminist culture continues to dominate our society.

Well as usual our answer comes from examining the past.

We find throughout history that there are many different cultures and movements that promoted ARROGANCE and end up creating much Destruction in their wake… And it always starts with a wide spread set of public attitudes as illustrated above. In many ways it resembles a malignancy and step by step this is how it grows.


Yes, I think this pickup stuff is really getting people relationships they dont’ belong in. This guy I was dating for a week revealed to me he uses this site to seduce girls in bars. I would have never talked to this guy had I known that. But since he covered it up I ended up sleeping with him. Ugh… that David D guy is even worse. – from Belflower

It’s sad isn’t it…

That we as a society focus so much on the fastest way to GET OFF..

But not the Best way to GET LOVE.

I think you ladies are especially at a loss when you are sucked into a game like this.

Sex with someone you don’t love can be a cheap thrill but it’s a very dissatisfying experience. It may nourish your Ego for the short term but it actually depletes your Soul. One of the biggest problems I see is that using sex to boost ones ego is really no different from how a drug addict uses cocaine or meth to try to feel like some Super Hero character.

So this goes out to Steve and his fellow brothers in uniform serving our Country in Iraq.

Steve sent me a special request for more “beautiful scenery” since he was currently in a war zone doing his best to keep the peace and to help rebuild Iraq.

Well Steve this Bud’s for you.. 😉

Unfortunately I only have a 2 Megapixel camera right now so the resolutions could be better but heck.. you guys should have enough eye candy to get the idea right?




Well GL I’m going call you out .. just a bit .. on this one. I would guess about 10 maybe 20% of the women are cute in N. America. It’s just that they have horrendous attitudes, just awful. The rest “think” that they are 8 – 10 ’s when they most certainly are not even close.

Hey we’re actually on the same page here.

I never said that Beautiful women in the US didn’t exist. I’ve seen a few here and there and I’ve done my share of travelling throughout the States as well. 😉

But.. Keep in mind before I came to Russia my perception was just like yours in believing that 10 to 20 percent of the women in the US were cute or beautiful.

Well to be BRUTALLY HONEST with all of you guys..


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