Many of you guys probably already know this but if you are looking for a “good girl” to be your wife… Generally the farther away you are from Moscow the better off you’ll be.

I have quite a few Russian buddies who work on a regular basis in Moscow but always come “home” when they can back to Siberia because the odds of them finding a decent girl there are pretty slim… and these guys are very good men with high education, good character, and solid professions too.

Moscow has recently surpassed Tokyo as being the most expensive city in the world so that should tell you something.

Moscow is great for doing business but can be difficult for finding decent ladies. Now saying that keep in mind that Moscow is like a huge magnet for many Russian girls looking for a better job or education. So there are significant number of good girls there from many different regions in Russia. HOWEVER.. Good luck finding them and sorting them out from the large numbers of materialistic and jaded ones that have been brought up in that environment.

As far as foreigners are concerned Moscow can have a dark side that you need to be aware of. A number of professional gangs that specifically target foreigners make the rounds in Moscow and unfortunately in some neighboring cities as well. Some of these outfits are very slick and dangerous so if you do end up there for business or pleasure be very careful and heed some of the following advice.

  • Try to blend in with the locals fashion wise.
  • Be low key in public and don’t shoot off your mouth.
  • Don’t let your drink out of your site in a popular bar or nightclub.
  • Do not take any Russian girl you just met in a bar or club back to your room. Especially If she seems professional, nice, speaks perfect English and was the one who first approached you.
  • If you see money on the street. Do not pick it up. Keep walking.
  • Buddy up with another friend you can trust when you go out.
  • Don’t hang near the subways at night-time.
  • Find a reputable taxi service and stick with them.

I’m not going to get into the details on why you should adhere to the above but just trust me on this… You should be able to figure most of it out for yourself.

Now I need to balance all of this by saying that Moscow is huge with over 10 million residents. If your adventurous and have the right social network to watch your back you should do just fine if you are able to go off the beaten path within the city to socialize.

Moscow is a grand city and it’s growing rapidly so that has it’s own appeal to many. However.. Russian people who live outside of Moscow have a common saying.

Moscow is not Russia.

And there are many good reasons why they believe this. The rest of Russia is much more laid back in comparison and obviously not as materialistic or glamorous.

The final bit of inside info I’ll give you is this. A number of wealthier Moscow guys go far out to other parts of the country to look for girlfriends and wives and don’t attempt this search on their own home turf.

It’s certainly worth visiting from a tourist, historical and business background.. but if your focus is on finding something else..

You might want to look someplace else..

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