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Can I go home now?

Oh wait I am home.. Alright so while you’re here go ahead and pull up a chair, I’ll pour the coffee and we can just keep on talking.

Let’s start with something obvious that we men need to be reminded about.. And by the way it’s something most American women are in DEEP Denial with.

It’s called women getting old.

You see the feminist have sold this line to American women that..”YES, you can have it all!” You can put off motherhood, have the killer career, have enriching and liberated relationships like they do in Sex in the City (ie be a Slut) and STILL have a child and then ONLY WHEN YOU ARE REALLY READY to settle down (aka late 30’s and above).. then you can try to find your “life partner”.

Wow.. Doesn’t THIS sound completely wonderful and normal to you?

Wait it’s get’s better.. And here’s the part I love.. The part the feminist not only left out.. but BURIED..

And they have a good reason for trying to desperately spin this because here’s the TRUTH.

A woman’s currency as a potential wife quickly drops in the eyes of a Man starting with her early 30’s and UP.

Her AGE goes UP… Her VALUE goes DOWWWN.

It’s like a gradually sloping downward curve on a chart that displays value vs. time. But if this chart were a ski slope it would be a short gentle slide that drops off the edge of a cliff..

Oh sure maybe she can be a great business partner, colleague or “friend”. Hell maybe she can even be a cool sex partner too.. BUT a key part of her value as a woman starts swirling down the drain and their ain’t nothing she can do about it no matter how much she love’s the way Cher looks or delude herself into thinking that she can be like Demi Moore and “have” a MUCH younger man too! Why just think about how “successful” a late 40’s Sharon Stone was in her latest movie.. playing guess what.. just another older narcissistic psycho.. This movie was clearly a “hit” because obviously all of us really needed to be reminded of this in our lives.. We needed to be reminded once more that the older an American woman get’s the more likely it is for her to turn into a competitor.

The really funny thing is that just when a “Progressive” woman is ready to seriously look for a husband IS RIGHT AT THE TIME her value as a potential wife starts to landslide.

So no matter what a man may “say” to a woman in this age group (usually in order to get her into the sack) ..

“I Love you baby.. I want to be with you forever.. blah blah blah..

There’s a strong voice in the back of his head that says.. “Cool.. I can get some action and I don’t have to marry her!.. What a deal!”

It won’t matter how the feminist try to spin this as a GOOD thing for women. And by the way.. the latest term defining older women having sex with younger men is something I hear called “Cougars”.. the new title doesn’t matter.. Because guys there’s just nothing sader then watching a dignified woman turning herself into a jaded old whore.

Maybe women aren’t good at understanding the value of time. Men generally don’t have a problem with this.. all guys know that they want to be winning the game WAY before the 2 minute warning sounds. Because of this we also instinctively know that we want to start the game with a younger and stronger teammate as opposed to someone who already has a retired jersey number.

Now saying that I do want to mention the key difference between a an older woman who is like a “cougar” and a another woman who has been in a lasting marriage for a long time..

It’s hard as hell for a guy to dump his buddy. Especially if they’ve been playing together since they were both kids in little league. It’s not natural for guys to do this because his “buddy”.. his long term wife.. understands him and can anticipate his every move which in this case is a very good thing since both of them are always trying to rack up the score while being on the SAME team! Also it’s no fun for a guy to finally win a championship and then try to reminisce about it alone. This is because the older a guy gets the more his history becomes important to him and the more he needs to share it with someone who will accept and love him. In a case like this.. this woman.. his wife has a value that increases with time and not the other way around. Get it?

So how does this all relate to Russian Women?

Simple.. Russian girls at a very early age understand the law of nature which determines a woman’s value as a potential mate and mother based on age. It’s because they are constantly reminded of it every year from the time the flowers first starts appearing in spring.. until the harsh autumn winds blow them away.. which ultimately leads to a frigid Russian winter turning everything into ice. Russian girls have the most vivid reminder possible that mother nature only allows for very little time for life to replenish itself. So these girls instinctively know that when the time comes… don’t waste it.

You might be saying.. “this is all fine and enlightening but why can’t they just go with a man closer to her own age then with and older guy.”

Well there are some good reasons for this.


In general the younger a Russian man is the less he wants to get married. And even when he does get married while he’s still young then the odds are very much against this union lasting due to an existing field of plenty around him.


The vast majority of younger Russian men are not stable enough financially to provide even the most basic needs that a wife and kids require. To give you an idea of the economies of scale here. The average Russian salary ranges is between $150 to $300 per month. If it’s difficult for a young man to even satisfy this lower range then this is a BIG sign to the girls that it would be a very bad decision to marry him especially when he is still trying to get started in life. This combined with #1 above only doubles the problem.


We all know that older guys tend to have more money but what’s also interesting is that once they’ve selected a girl he is far less likely to stray and leave her. An older man is more likely to be in it for the long haul and better able to support a family both emotionally and financially as well.


Many Russian girls grow up without fathers due to the high rate of separation that is often initiated by the Men in this society. All girls crave a strong stable man they can look up to and depend upon, but these girls in particular are even more geared to need an older man’s emotional connection.


Demographics and a developing economy simply do not favor the women here so there is a huge populations of girls who have not received any significant attention from members of the opposite sex because they aren’t considered as attractive as the large numbers of super models that walk around here. If they receive genuine interests it’s not something they treat lightly. Keep in mind that most of these girls would in no ways be considered ugly by American or Western standards. Women like Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts or Jennifer Lopez would EASILY fall into this category when you compare their looks to the overall population of Russian Girls.

These women may receive some attention but usually it will be from men who are just looking for sex or from men who are not even qualified to decently associate with them on a social level.

So all of these reasons add up pretty quick and as you can see very profound things happen to a society when you start dealing with shifting demographic balances between men and women.

AGE Differences

So the next thing you are probably wondering about is what level of age differences can exist? Well as you can guess this depends on a few factors. Typically the younger the girl, the smaller the age difference is between her and her mate.. The older a woman, the wider the possible age gap. Although I have seen many exceptions, in general a woman in her 20’s will happily accept a man who is between 10 to 15 years older then her without blinking an eye.

Did I just hear a collective “Right ON!” being yelled by you guys?

Well if you like hearing that then you’ll LOVE to know that a 10 to 15 year age difference is just a BASIC base to start with! Starting from there the difference can be much greater and I see it all the time here.

Now it’s not generally normal for a 50 plus year old guy to go with an 18 year old girl but again over here I have seen plenty of exceptions depending on the personal backgrounds of each and the physical, mental and emotional “levels of acceptance” that exist. (put your thinking caps on here because notice I didn’t say “levels of compatibility”.. I’ll let you think about it for a while..) For example my closest friend here was 47 when he first met his finance who was 19 at the time and they have a great relationship.

How young of a girl can you go with? It really depends on both of you. Many Russian guy who are only in their late 30’s to 40’s looks like hell compared to a more health conscious population of American men his same age. Consuming hard liquor or copious amounts of beer and cigarettes seems to be a national past time here while thank God that is clearly not the case in the US. This lack of a healthy lifestyle is literally killing off the male Russian population 15 to 20 years before his Western counterpart on average. So it is very common to see most American guys looking and acting much younger then Russian men who are their same age.

The better shape you are in and the more open you are to new experiences the more likely it is for you to gain a relationship with a significantly younger girl if that is what you desire.

Now keep in mind that I don’t want you to even think about exluding “older” Russian women here from your selection process because there are some key advantages with them as well that I will get into later.. You will be surprised to hear that by our local standards an “older Russian Women” is someone in her early 30’s and above. One of the things I like about these women is that they tend to be super traditional and this has it’s own special appeal because they’ve had no exposure growing up to things like MTV. I’ve known significant numbers of EXTREMELY HOT Russian women in their 30’s being with guys who are in their 50’s, 60’s, and even 70’s. This type of age arrangement is more common then you would think throughout Russia.

Are you getting all of this down? Good.. Cause I’m going to stop here for now and let you finish your coffee and absorb all of this.

The next time we meet I’ll talk with you about the advantages and disadvantages of being with either a younger Russian girl or an “older” Russian woman.

Isn’t it funny how certain types of information can just make your day? 😉

Stay Tuned!

(Russian Girls and Older Men – Part 2)

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