Check it out my friends..

Gentlemen I am completely STOKED that we have made it this far this fast!

I want to personally THANK each and everyone of you for your incredible support. There is NO WAY I could do this without the emotional fuel that all of you readers and contributors have put into my gas tank.

I officially launched this site EXACTLY 1 Month ago on July 7th and I think you can see that I’ve been pretty driven to get the truth out to all of you as fast as I can.

So let’s see..

Today is our 1 month birthday, this will be my 51st post (yes I know it’s just a short announcement but still..), AND we’ve reached this Incredible MILESTONE of becoming a WordPress BEST BLOG today!

Best of all..


The D-Day landing zones and beachheads have been secured.. Supplies are coming in and the Troops are highly motivated and wound up like a tight spring ready to blast forward against Fortress Feminism.

You Gentlemen are my elite commando troops who will lead the way forward. Braving heavy fire, ruthless defenses, and a determined and cunning enemy who will stop at nothing to push you back into the sea.. But their fate is already being recorded in history.. for they will fail.. and ultimate victory will be ours.

Our moral is high, our cause is just and our purpose clear.

Or in the great words of General Maximus.. “What we do here.. will last an Eternity…”

God Speed Gentlemen.. God Speed..