Bad News Gentlemen,

It’s my sad duty to report that we have been removed from BESTBLOG on WordPress. This was a very important and high traffic listing that has really increased our exposure to other men within the less then 2 days we were on it.

To see a copy of the original award click here.

It seems that our discussions may be a little too hot to handle and certain people that I’m aware of have been “offended” and have demanded our removal from this listing. There are many more details behind this but this is all I can get into at this moment.

I need your help guys.

If you object to this action like I do then please make comments here on this post so that I can get as many of your emails as possible and to try to rebuild our case. Please do not use profanity because this will only hurt our cause.

If you can give me your endorsement and a compelling arguement as to why my message should be spread and not censored or marginalized then that would be GREATLY Appreciated. You can also let your opinions be known with the editor of BESTBLOG here.

We’ve worked really hard to reach this point and your support now more then ever is critical. Please do what you can to network with other men about this issue. If you’ve been putting this off in the past then now is the time to really push this forward.

We need all the teamwork we can pull together at this important time.

Thank you for all of your support


One last bit of final irony is the fact that I had just written this post about how the Feminist will do anything to stop us 2 days ago.

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