Gentlemen (and Ladies too),

You have all honored me with your participation and support either in the form of comments to our blog or with the addition of links to it. Like any team every person in this chain is critical to the success of our ability to not be censored and to further our cause which we know is truly just.

We are in the midst of our first challenge against our message of hope and love for millions of Western men and Russian/FSU Women. I have no illusions that this will only remain an isolated incident for we are dealing with a ubiquitous adversary that reaches into the very foundation of our modern society and thinking.

This adversary feeds off of fear and paranoia.. and where it finds none it must create it in order to survive and expand. If in the past this fear was largely fabricated.. today with the open information that we put forth on our site.. this fear is quite justified.

For any “modern” women no matter how much she denies it.. It is the ultimate fear..

For it is the fear of obsolescence and exclusion in the most important role of her life.. that of a loving wife, a nurturing mother and as a complimentary partner in a strong family.

The core belief of socialist-feminist thinking is the belief of entitlement. It is the distorted belief that any woman no matter what actions she takes during the course of her life is absolutely entitled to max out her Visa to purchase the things her ego craves the most without paying the bill that comes due at the end of the month. When she is unable to pay for that expediture our increasingly socialist society dictates that the rest of us must pay for her. We must submit ourselves to her increasingly voracious demand to the brink of our own extinction. Make no mistake gentlemen Western Civilization can not survive a virus such as this and I currently reside in a country that is living proof of this.

She is seduced since childhood into a competitive power game of money, influence and vanity to which she cannot win… because there was never meant to be any winners in this game irregardless of gender. Given enough time in any casino.. No one ever beats the house… and the result for those who cannot leave the table is to be thrown out.. broke and destitute.

In the process of drowning into irrelevance she will take down every man who comes close enough to her. And gentlemen as tragic as this is.. and as much as we may want to love or save her.. we have no choice but to let her go.

The hard fact of life is that a woman who cannot save herself from this reality has absolutely no business being a wife or a mother to which she automatically demands title too. A woman who is plugged into this delusion will viciously deny, deplete and attack any one she considers a rival or even any one she thinks she loves.. because in reality her ability to tell the difference between the two degrades with time.

The only thing she has left is her anger and self-pity.. and since it is too hard for her to look into the mirror and to watch her own personal tragedy unfolding.. she will look at you… and she will attack you as the reason for her failure.

Although her fight is un-focused and un-disciplined.. it is completely vicious as she fights for her very existence. Because truly her existence is at stake.

This is what we will be up against from this point forward. It is a fair warning to all but there is much peace in understanding the nature of the beast.

Our understanding will brings us confidence.. and confidence leads to resolve. and ultimately resolve leads to our victory. A victory not over a vanquished foe.. but a victory for ourselves and our loving futures.

An open letter and discussion about this subject is necessary.. because we know that we must understand the forces that would oppose us in order to reach for the force that will propel and inspire us.

A force that simply manifests itself as a beautiful loving wife and mother.

Sincerely Yours,

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