I have serious debated taking this next step..

But after this latest escalation on the part of our “opposition” I feel that I must share this with you.

The following site belongs to a well known feminist and liberal who initiated the actions against us to get us Banned from BESTBLOG.

She could have just taken her “little victory” and moved on with her business. Instead she decides to write the following on her latest front page post:

Insert thunderous applause here.

For the record, the clever editors over at the Best Blog on WordPress page have deleted the entry praising the Russian Women blog.

Gentlemen for us to be so callously marginalized and censored as an afterthought is too much for me to handle right now especially given the fact that I and many of you are working so hard to expand the awareness of this site to the greater population of men.

This message is simply to spread the idea of greater freedom of relationship choices for men in order to live loving, happy and prosperous lives with the future families that they create.

Instead this very essence of life and existence is too much of a threat for some people to handle. On her previous post you will notice a surprised and jealous narrative tone on her discovery that “Russian Women the real truth” had replaced her blog as the top seed in the BESTBLOG site that I have copied here for all of you to see. I do not know if this action on her part was initiated out of jealousy, fear or pure spite but it was initiated.

If you decide to let your voices be heard in this tragic loss of free speech I would like to graciously ask you to refrain from any obscenities and to keep your comments at a dignified level. I know many of you are angry.. I am too.. but I feel that we must not stoop to their level for we must take the high road on this.

We are MEN after all..

And we MUST show it..

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