The VAST majority of men who visit Russia that i’ve communicated with have a real issue on their hands when they arrive.

At first it seems AMUSING and even a delightful situation.. But it quickly creates HUGE problems for them.

Imagine travelling halfway around the world and walking into the ultimate car dealership with usually just enough money and time to FINALLY get your dream car.

The dealer has a very unique special.. Every super car in this showroom.. and there are hundreds to choose from.. all resides within the same price range that you can afford.

You go absolutely CRAZY with Joy..

You quickly start going from car to car.. the Lamborghinis, the Mercedes, the Porches, the Ferraris, the Acura NSX’s, the high end BMW’s, the Aston Martins, the Corvettes, the Bugattis…

Starting to get the picture?

To make matters more difficult you only have enough energy and time to judge these cars by their outward appearance alone and you cannot take them for a test drive.

The clock is ticking on the amount of time you have left but you don’t care.. you’re in heaven..

This is the first time you’ve ever had an experience like this… And you’re going to savor every moment you can..

BUT.. Ultimately you need to make a choice. Because although you may have access to any car in this showroom it still takes LOTS of time to secure the sale from the dealership and to process the paperwork to have this car safely delivered to you.

A MILLION factors are storming through your brain as you evaluate which one is the best for you.. To make matters worse your heart is racing, your brow is sweating, and your emotions are completely amped with testosterone. You are desperate for some real guidance on what to do BUT there is precious little to be found.

tick tick tick tick tick tick tick.. BUZZZZZZZ!!

Times up.. you need to go home now..


How SOON can I get back here?! HOW can I get back here???

What do I DO NOW?

You’re just starting to grasp the aweful realization that for now you are going home empty handed. And then you hear an evil mocking voice speaking to you from the Showroom Intercom…

“Welcome Sir.. Welcome to Choice Paralysis… Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The Chinese have an ancient curse that says..

“May your life be Interesting..”

Well I believe the Russians should have one too..

“May your life be filled with beautiful women..”

Guys the point is this.. You have no idea how many men get screwed up by this when they come here.

I know.. I was one of them..

A HUGE part of the problem that Russian society has is that the Men here STILL have “Choice Paralysis” even after they’re Married!

Now if these guys have an issue with it at this point in their lives.. I guarantee you that it will be far worse for you just stepping into this world for the first time.

Believe me.. this is when you REALLY need a guy like me to help you sort things out. Otherwise you will find yourself on a very addictive, expensive and time consuming treadmill that only has one way for you to get off..

And that is to get married.

And we all know how much of an “easy” decision that is to make now don’t we?

So before you decide to roll into town.. look me up.. and if I’m available I’ll see what I can do.

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