Because of the latest incidents concerning the BANNING of our BESTBLOG Award on Aug 8th there has been a number of comments and new developments that are especially noteworthy in how they relate to the Feminist wanting to prevent Western Men from finding true love overseas. I have decided to post a few of them in this round of Q&A 004

rw_man, if you do talk with Michael at BESTBLOG and he happens to give you an actual answer as to how your blog “could be considered borderline obscene”, please post it. I’d like to know just how badly logic is tortured in his mind.


Hi Dom,

I will certainly oblige you with that Dom. It turns out that this label of my writings being “borderline obscene” has given them the “rational” they need to shut us down from BESTBLOG..

But the STRANGE thing if you noticed is how much he compliments me in an earlier post where the BESTBLOG Editor says:

“It’s a great blog, you should go check it out”

Does he actually believe what he says with the “borderline obscene” part or is he just deciding to be a mouth piece.

I wish he would take a stand either way and back it to the hilt with his OWN opinion as opposed to adopting a bi-polar opposite stance like the wind..

If he could do that then I and any other person would respect him more.

Guys with firm opinions, agree or disagree, I can respect. Guys with opinions that flip with the audience they play to I can’t nor can anyone else for that matter.

This maybe a simple foolish mistake of youth for which we are all guilty of in our lives or it maybe a lack of a developed character. I hope this is the case and he can learn from this and never make that mistake again.

Given the rapid nature of his first response about my “awesome blog” I personally believes that he really does like my material.. but unfortunately he maybe now in a position where he’s not strong enough to admit that when it’s criticized.

It’s no different from the Ol’ Classic school yard test of loyalty to your friends. You actually like someone for who they are.. and then all of a sudden the kids around you make fun of this person and say..

  • “You don’t like THAT person now do you?”
  • “What are you doing hanging out with THAT LOSER?”

The fear of rejection is a powerful one indeed because we are all very geared to be social creatures with large emotional dependencies..

I think we can all relate to this at some point in our lives and then thankfully most of us learn from it and move on.

Unfortunately the feminist and “elitist” have never moved on.. They still rely on that modus operandi to manipulate and control people with. Which unfortunately is still very effective against most people..

  • “You’re not ACTUALLY thinking of marrying a RUSSIAN GIRL are you?”..
  • “You don’t actually take the Russian Women BLOG seriously do you?”..
  • “Your NOT going to actually keep those guys up on BEST BLOG are you?”

I actually sympathize with him and don’t believe him to be evil because I’ve thought about this and I believe what I just described to be the case.

Unfortunately in a very public arena like this… these mistakes can really hurt like hell and set someone waaay back.. He may not be a Feminist (god i hope not). But the rules of life are such that he still get’s to take the heat for caving into their demand and Banning our site from BESTBLOG. The feminist may have initiated this but unfortunately for Michael it’s ultimately his responsibility and his blame for the action that he took. And guys this is one of those lessons that seperates the Men from the Boys cause it’s a godd*mn hard one to learn sometimes.

And I hope he learns it soon and becomes a better man for it.

Michael’s not the only one who has a test of character on his hands right now.. Ultimately we all do when it comes to doing what’s right for ourselves and our family.

If any of you guys want to contact Michael yourself and let him know your feelings on this issue then you can check out his profile here along with his email.


From: Dave

if American women are aware that Russian women are more beautiful as a whole than American women. and that they are in “competition” with them, than why don’t american women change-? and are American women aware that by trying to stop american men from marrying russian {or foriegn women in general} women that they will alienate themselves more and make us men more determened to not have an American wife-? IF they are aware of this than why do they keep persuing this course-? thanks, Dave


Great Questions Dave..

Here’s the Deal.. The answer can be summed up in one little 6 letter word.


Don’t ever underestimate the POWER that this has over anyone.. Man or Woman..

But especially with Women..

Denial makes turning to the Dark Side of the Force look like a simple PMS craving for Chocolate.

If you are expecting them to think rationally or analytically about things like competition from other countries.. You’ve got the wrong planet buddy..

They primarily think in terms of emotional reward. Their brains are hard wired to be different then ours and although the politically correct scientist of the past tried to pass this BS that there were no differences with our brains there is now an overwhelming amount of evidence to say otherwise.

While this scientific battle is going on guys like you and me are sitting back and saying.. Well NO SH*T Sherlock OF COURSE MEN and WOMEN are DIFFERENT in the most fundamental ways. Anyways back to the present..

Let’s get back to competition.. There are really only 2 ways possible for anyone to deal with competition. One is the good but hard way.. the other is the easy and bad way..

Good but Hard Way..

You have a SERIOUS Come to Jesus moment with yourself and realize that someone is kicking your ass. So you’d better shape up and COMPETE back or hang it up and ship out.

Bad but Easy Way..

You pull out every dirty trick you can to SLAM the Competition. You call them losers, you make fun of them, you tell the public that they are a danger to society, etc.. etc.. and you can fill in the blanks here I’m sure…

But it’s all hinged on believing that there’s NO WAY someone could be better then YOU. Why it’s all a mistake.. an illusion.. The Ref made a sh*t call.. The umpire had it out for us.. We were the better team and the other side just got lucky!

See how DENIAL is a key part of this?

In the end it doesn’t matter.. victors are victors.. and losers are losers..

And NO amount of denial in the end can change that.



The Feminists are evil rodents that are equal to Nazis. Either people hate modern feminsts aka Feminazis, or they dont.

I am sick and tired of people that try to play both sides by pinning equal blame on American men for the deterioration of American women.

All I can say is American men that prefer American women over beautiful foreign women are p*ssies, because they want there woman to be the man, while they become the woman.

For those not interested in American parasite women, the feminists are also trying to control American mens lives by having laws passed that limit movement to foreign countries.

When I go to Prague or Rio to have a great time, no feminist slime has the right to control what I do. Feminists are hypocrits because they feel women should do anything they want in life, while men should suffer and be denied all rights.

Lets be clear. I hate American women. I stopped looking at American women years ago, since they never gave me the time or day. Even since I got a job where I can travel to Eastern Euope, Latin America and Asia, I have been having the greatest time in my life.

It is not just because the foreign women are a billion times more beautiful. It is also because they have class, culture, and personality.

If any “man” does not like what I have to say, then they are an ally of the Feminazis, and a traitor to straight men.

Rw, as far as I can tell, I think you are with the real men side, and a good guy.


Hello Rock,

Why thank you Sir for your post along with your compliment which I truly respect coming from a man with your experience abroad.

I wish there was some way I could convince all men to take a solo trip abroad to any country that has women like this.

There was once a famous psychological experiment dealing with pain and helplessness conducted on dogs that to me really illustrates what’s going on in the psyche of millions of Western Men.

A dog would be brought into an enclosed room that had two large metal plates as floors. A painful electrical shock was turned on and off repeatedly to both plates so that no matter where the dog ran to it would still be shocked.

Very soon the dog would just simply give up and lie down and take the shocks. Next the shocks were only given to the one plate that the dog was lying on while a dog handler would encourage the dog to move to the other plate that had no shock.

The dog would refuse to move and just moan in pain in the same position.

Think about this Gentlemen…

Even when there was an escape or a solution to the pain.. the dog’s wouldn’t move to it.

They were CONDITIONED to take the pain and to not resist anymore.

I know in my heart that many men in the West have reached this sad and depressing place.. because quite frankly it’s the ONLY place they’ve ever known! Most of us have now GROWN UP with feminism since our early childhood or teenage years. Dominant, nasty and degrading general behavior from a large proportion of women around us is ALL we know!

For Men the pain and oppression has been so constant in the past that they make an ACTIVE DECISION to still subject themselves to the pain becomes it is literally a part of their IDENTITY. Once it reaches that point then it is often TOO LATE for these Men.. because now they are afraid to “LOSE” that identity no matter how much pain they experience!

They will keep on subjecting themselves to this RATHER then FACE THE FEAR of the UNKNOWN.

The UNKNOWN is simply:

NOT Knowing what would life be like WITHOUT THIS PAIN.


NOT Knowing what life would be like to actually be loved and nourished by a woman that you equally love.

Gentlemen you have NO IDEA how much truth is in what I’m saying here. In my mind it is the root of most suffering in the world and it applies equally to everyone and anyone.

Also this is the HARDEST thing in the world to personally face in yourself and quite frankly most people just can’t do it as they continue to self-sabotage themselves.

If any of you out there are reading this and understand this from a personal experience.. I urge you to look at yourself honestly and to have the courage to MOVE. Your suffering in the beginning used to be something that wasn’t your doing or fault. But then somehow over time you absorbed it and made it part of you.. so now when any type of FAILURE seems to randomly comes up again. Many times without you even consciously knowing it.. It really does becomes your FAULT because on some level you sabotaged yourself from changing the status quo..

Now what in the world does any of this have to do with Russian Women?


If I reach out to 10 guys through this website or in person and tell them that the love they are so badly searching for in their lives is here.. ONLY 1 of them will actually listen and get on a plane.

For every one guy here like Rock who actually follows his heart and goes out into the world to find what he’s searching for.. There are NINE other guys who are sitting at home rapidly turning into a depressed potato.

Some of you may think well maybe the other guys don’t have jobs, time or freedom from obligations that allow them to travel etc.

That is only true for the short term but Rock’s ability to find a job to allow him to travel and to make these discoveries i’m assure you was NOT a case of DUMB LUCK.

He and anyone else who’s been oversees at some point decided to make it a bigger part of their identity then the part that we all have that says:

I “Can’t” Go because it’s too scary, difficult, or fill in the blank with your own excuse.

You guys should start to get the picture by now… I hope..

So again… you guys reading this.. who have actually experienced what I’m talking about..

POST HERE and let the other guys KNOW!

The more we share the faster this awakening self-realization will happen.. and the faster some damsel in distress over here will meet her prince charming.

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