I have a Buddy here named Euvgini who is 30 years old and very popular with the ladies because he’s handsome and comes from a good family. Euvgini always has at least 2 girlfriends at any given time. One of his girlfriends is a sexy and sultry brunette who is 28 years old and works as a banker. His other GF is this beautiful blond and bubbly 18 year old girl who just entered college.

When I asked Euvgini why he was attracted to 2 TOTALLY different girls.. He replied..

Well I like older girls because they’re smart, serious and understand me as a Man..

(And then he broke out into a Sly Grin..)

And I like younger girls because… Well they’re YOUNGER GIRLS!

I guess for most Men.. Truer words have never been spoken..

Now just for reference sake let’s get our local terminology straight before I continue.

  • In Russia if you refer to someone as a “Younger Girl” then most everyone understands that you are talking about a girl who is between 18 to 21.
  • When you say “Girl” everyone knows this to mean 22 to 29.
  • And when you say “Woman” you are referring to a starting age of 30 until the time she is considered an old woman or a “Babushka”.

Now for the majority of Russian men that I’ve known most of them have at one time or another pursued “younger girls”. However when they decide to get serious they mostly settle in or got married to a “Girl”.

Unfortunately for most Russian “Women” the odds of getting married start falling rapidly from this point on and especially if they have children.

For most of these Men the biggest factor that weighs in their selection process is Beauty and Maturity. We already know that these girls have tremendous beauty but what about Maturity?

Well the answer is simple.

For much of Russia’s history both Men and Women were expected to know how to raise families by the time they reached 18 years of age. Mother Nature simply did NOT mess around with these folks and did NOT cut them a break with the time they were allowed to have on Planet Earth. So as you can probably figure out the ability to raise families “Quickly and Properly” became well ingrained traditions.

For example I’ve met quite a few “Younger” Russian Girl who became pregnant from their boyfriends and NONE of them were unhappy or regretful about their situation. Even if they weren’t married and had an uncertain future they were STILL truly happy to bring a baby into the world. Not only were they receiving a deep emotional reward from their natural programming as females.. but they were also getting rewarded from their cultural upbringing as well.

So here’s something to keep in mind when you evaluate a Russian Girl’s maturity level.

Take the age of any Russian Girl and ADD 10 YEARS TO IT in order to determine her overall maturity by US or Western Standards.

Think about it for a second.. It TOTALLY Makes Sense if you look at the math. In the US most women are NOT looking to get married till their late 20’s all the way till their 40’s and beyond. For most Russian Girls getting married at 18 to 21 is generally not desirable because of her university studies but it is still quite common depending on her situation. However, when these girls hit 22 the official starting bell to find a husband REALLY has rung.

Now I can just hear some Feminist saying in the background..

“You don’t have to want to get married and have kids in order to show your Maturity!”

Oh Yeah? Is there a better way to show it? I don’t know about you’re definition but a key part of maturity for a Woman is the ability to SACRIFICE. It just so happens that raising children was always meant to be the ultimate standard for this.

Now saying all of this I still want to mention that (like most of the Russian guys here) I still prefer someone who is a “little older” and well into her 20’s as opposed to a younger girl who is often more likely to play games. But again this TOTALLY DEPENDS on her background.

If a Girl comes from a smaller town or a poorer family she generally has a much higher degree of DESIRE and GRATITUDE for a stable long term relationship because she readily see’s how un-stable life can be. Since there really isn’t a Middle Class in Russia the number of girls who fill this category is quite large.

Now on the other hand young attractive city girls are always more apt to try to win a popularity contest no matter what part of the world they are from. So my recommendation for you guys is to do your best to identify this early on and to generally AVOID them.

As you can see there is no firm black and white rule in knowing if you can successfully have a relationship with a younger girl if that is what you wish for. There are mostly shades of grey. Now the interesting news is that in Russia these shades of grey are MUCH more shifted towards welcoming real relationships between younger Russian Girls and Older Men then anywhere else in the US or Western Countries.

A key factor to determine whether or not you have a green light or not is to know how a girl’s Mother feels about your age. If she has a father then his views are also important but to a much lesser degree. Her mother’s judgement of you will be HUGELY influential and she is going to be keenly interested in how healthy and fit you are as opposed to how much money you have. Or in other words.. Will her daughter still have a husband who is still alive and kicking when she is in her 30’s and 40’s?

Young beautiful girls will ALWAYS create high demand everwhere in the world.

And if you want a young beautiful Russian Girl for yourself be prepared to work for it and to make MANY mistakes along the way.

But I won’t lie to you..

Because if you get a good one then you’ll be one helluva Happy Man.

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