Well GL I’m going call you out .. just a bit .. on this one. I would guess about 10 maybe 20% of the women are cute in N. America. It’s just that they have horrendous attitudes, just awful. The rest “think” that they are 8 – 10 ’s when they most certainly are not even close.

Hey we’re actually on the same page here.

I never said that Beautiful women in the US didn’t exist. I’ve seen a few here and there and I’ve done my share of travelling throughout the States as well. 😉

But.. Keep in mind before I came to Russia my perception was just like yours in believing that 10 to 20 percent of the women in the US were cute or beautiful.

Well to be BRUTALLY HONEST with all of you guys..

Once I came to Russia and saw the girls here.. that original percentage that I had in my mind just dropped like a rock.. And we are NOT just basing this on physical beauty my friends.

We are talking about a RAPID decline in value.. The type of drop that looks like the stock price of a company being convicted for accounting fraud.

Now as funny (or strange) as this analogy may be.. It’s dead on in many ways..

You see Corporate Accounting Fraud is mostly about OVERSTATING the REAL VALUE of a company’s financials in their books in-order to ATTRACT more investors and business.

Well guess what?

Isn’t that JUST LIKE the way many Women in the US overstate their own value?

Need a visual?

OK just imagine someone like Rosie O’Donald sitting next to you and talking about HER life and behaving as if her story is the only thing that truly matters to you!

The only difference between these 2 examples is that with Corporate Accounting Fraud.. someone goes to jail..

But in the case of American Women “Over Stating” their value..

Well our Feminist dominated culture has succeded in labeling this GL Entry as:


AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF our Mass Media and Popular Culture (i.e. Corrupt Auditors) will approve of it too!

At some point in the near future this circular system of self-propelling delusion will become so dysfunctional that it will just simply loose it’s power base and collapse.

And if I get to have my way with the information on this site.. then right now is the begining of the end for these “ladies” and their party line

In many ways this current situation is NO DIFFERENT then with what was going on in the bad old days of the USSR.

Now pay attention here and absorb this short little history lesson..

In the Soviet Union you had an entire population of people totally brainwashed into believing that they lived in a “Workers Paradise”.

What this really meant was that everyone was given a job but hardly anyone worked because there were NO REAL INCENTIVES to work hard or to improve yourself.. There were only incentive to become lazy, bitter and disconnected from reality.

Starting to see the Parallels here?

The only way this system could remain floating is if everyone actually believed in the fantasy no matter how bad off they really were. Boys and Girls this is what we call MASS DENIAL.

Well guess what.. In this situation it doesn’t take much to blow this whole deck of cards away. And that gust of air came in the form of what Gene Simons of KISS calls the Hamburgers and Rock & Roll revolution..

See according to Mr. Devil Tongue himself Communism didn’t stand a chance against Rock & Roll and Cheeseburgers. Kids who were taught to worship at the alter of Lenin quickly droped him for the alter of Levis instead.

Well Guess what.. It’s the EXACT SAME DEAL with all of you Men learning the REAL TRUTH about Russian Women. Because once you’ve seen what I’ve seen.. You would drop that nasty 49 cent McDonalds hamburger that you’ve been trying to live off of and go out and get yourself a real juicy Texas sized T-Bone Steak.

If you really want to taste one.. then the first thing that needs to happen is for you to simply realize that yes.. T-Bone Steaks really do exist. You may have to drive a little farther to enjoy them but it’s certainly worth the trip!

See once that starts happening with enough of you guys then the women who have been force feeding you their stale and bitter offerings will finally go bankrupt. We are talking closing the shop, locking doors and chaining the fence.

So Here’s the Bottom Line..

History ALWAYS repeats itself in one form or another.

  1. Societies and movements rise on some type of truth and belief.
  2. Most of them completely over-play their hand.
  3. Then they crash once their delusions and denials are openly exposed.

So are you getting hungry yet?

Well before you decide to munch on yet another cheap ol’ burger just keep this in mind.

The Feminism Cafe is in DEEP Trouble with the menu that I’m holding in my hands right now..

Because it’s NOT THE ONE they’ve been forcing you to read all along.

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