Yes.. you heard me right..

Even Anna Kournikova said this herself during her early rise to fame. She told the press that she didn’t understand all of the attention she was getting over her beauty because in reality she was just a “normal” Russian Girl.

Some may have thought that this was a display of false modesty in the limelight of fame.

It wasn’t..

Because it is the Truth..

The standards for beauty in Russia are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT then the standards that we usually uphold in the US and the West. Anna Kournikova is proof of this. When she came onto the tennis scene NO ONE cared how good she was on the court.. Everyone came to see where did this Alien Princess come from and if she was for real.

Here’s a quick rule of thumb to use when measuring beauty if you live in the US.

Take girls that you would typically rate as a 10, 9 or 8..

Subtract 3 (maybe even 4) and this is how these girls would stack up in Russia.

When a friend of mine first travelled to Russia years ago many girls that he met would innocently ask him.

We love to watch your American MTV.. But how come we don’t see any beautiful women on it?

He was shocked by this question but as he looked around he could understand why this was such a big mystery for these girls.

If you ever flip on Channel 1 when you come to Russia I’m sure you will catch at least a glimpse of one of their many live variety shows which features various famous singers and actors performing on stage.

The first time I watched this I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. In terms of beautiful girls it just completely BLEW AWAY anything that i’ve ever seen on TV in the States. These women and therefore the shows themselves showed ALOT more Class and Culture then what is typically available in the States.

Of course the big irony is this…

People around the world who watch American TV think just the opposite. American TV shows have been aired here for a number of years as well and because of this many Russian Girls think that America is just FILLED with gorgeous women.

So compelling is this idea that I know 2 Russian guys who actually travelled across the US for 9 months searching for these “American Beauties”. What they said just blew my mind because of it’s raw honesty.

We couldn’t find any cute American Girls while we were there.. And the only Cute Girls we found were 2 visiting Russian Students!

Now one might read this post and think that I am TOTALLY HUNG UP on Beautiful Women..

Well OK.. to a degree yes.. I gotta be honest with you.. 😉


The bigger reason is this..

When looking at the US and Russia we are dealing with 2 completely different worlds.

On one side you have millions of US girls that are FAT but also truly believe that they are “PHAT”..

Ahh Can you say Huge Ego.. No Substance?

And on the other side in Russia you have a huge number of girls that are beautiful and sexy beyond compare but IN ADDITION to this.. They also act like Classic Ladies too.

Can you say Class?

Sure you can..

Just come here for yourself and find out how to say it for real..

(Anna Kournikova is an ORDINARY Russian Girl – Part 2)
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