Yes, I think this pickup stuff is really getting people relationships they dont’ belong in. This guy I was dating for a week revealed to me he uses this site to seduce girls in bars. I would have never talked to this guy had I known that. But since he covered it up I ended up sleeping with him. Ugh… that David D guy is even worse. – from Belflower

It’s sad isn’t it…

That we as a society focus so much on the fastest way to GET OFF..

But not the Best way to GET LOVE.

I think you ladies are especially at a loss when you are sucked into a game like this.

Sex with someone you don’t love can be a cheap thrill but it’s a very dissatisfying experience. It may nourish your Ego for the short term but it actually depletes your Soul. One of the biggest problems I see is that using sex to boost ones ego is really no different from how a drug addict uses cocaine or meth to try to feel like some Super Hero character.

Sure it feels great but then when you crash you are busy looking for your next hit.. again and again and again..

Life passes you by and so does the opportunity to find true love.

I wonder how much real love can be created if we were able to migrate away from the time, energy, and money that we spend on getting sex and spend all of those resources on creating love instead..

Now the good news for you Belflower is I get the feeling that you are an attractive girl given the fact that you have some guy trying to pull Speed Seduction or Pickup Strategies on you.

And I’m going to be honest with you because as an attractive woman you have power in this society. How you choose to wield it will determine your ability to find true love or not.

Unfortunately a majority of attractive American Women I’ve met DO NOT know how to handle this power responsibly.. and in many cases their beauty may give them short term benefits.. but more often then not it turns into a long term curse.

There are just simply too many defensive and empty women who walks through life with a chip on their shoulder. I imagine that trying to warm up to a girl like that would be like trying to give a hug to a desert cactus.

Not a very pleasant thought no matter how good your “pickup techniques” were right?

Now a cactus is a very tough and durable plant but quite frankly they’ve always kinda struck me as looking pretty lonely wouldn’t you say?

Unfortunately this seems to be the status quo in the US and other Western Countries.
Now compare this situation to a woman who I truly respected..

Someone like Princess Diana.

She knew she was beautiful but she also possessed something far more valuable..

And that was Grace and Purpose..

No matter what personal problems she faced.. she was still able to harness this along with her beauty to the greater benefit of mankind.

And for this we loved and adored her.

Now I will never say that Russia is completely populated with women like Princess Diana. But there are certainly many like her here. And I’d honestly be surprised if any visitor who came here DIDN’T meet more then a few ladies that didn’t remind them of someone like Lady Di.

Perhaps a Lady that left an indelible impression on them.

Maybe even a Lady they were truly honored to meet… for when she walked away they would catch themselves quietly saying..

“Now THAT was a Real Woman..”

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