I was reading a comment about American Women that really brought out a much bigger picture that I wanted to share with you.

Most American women to me are far uglier inside than they ever could be on the outside. I have met a few that certainly were not lookers in the classical sense, but they were real women without a doubt. Unfortunately, most women are loud, demanding, bitchy, rude, self aggrandizing, selfish, sociopathic and vapid beyond belief. – Taras

One may wonder what the future holds if we continue along a path where a vicious Feminist culture continues to dominate our society.

Well as usual our answer comes from examining the past.

We find throughout history that there are many different cultures and movements that promoted ARROGANCE and end up creating much Destruction in their wake… And it always starts with a wide spread set of public attitudes as illustrated above. In many ways it resembles a malignancy and step by step this is how it grows.

  • Phase 1 – A general vicious attitude towards a group of people becomes “fashionable”
  • Phase 2 – Actual social or economic restrictions get initiated which violate basic freedoms.
  • Phase 3 – Taken to an extreme open persecution follows which could lead to banishment, imprisonment, forced servitude, or even death.

Nazi Germany, the Chaos of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, or Stalin’s Purges of Terror are all clear examples of this.

Gentlemen the main point is this.

The tragic history of other nations is not some far away distant event that could never happen to us. Because if you have even a basic understanding of history you’d understand that the evolution of destructive attitudes into destructive historical events is a repeating process that is as old as mankind.

So let me give you an evaluation as to where we are along this path right now.

Phase 1

Vicious attitudes against Men are FIRMLY ENTRENCHED in US and Western Cultures.

For Example when you watch TV.. when was the last time you actually saw a strong husband and father figure being portrayed as opposed to a grown up BOY who was simply cast as a clown or an idiot?

In the popular TV Show “Friends”.. how were the Men portrayed as opposed to the Women?

Starting to get my point? It always starts with some type of denigration and then it naturally leads to..

Phase 2

In the US Phase 2 has recently manifested itself with this..

Did you know that with the IMBRA law that just went into effect all American Men are required to submit any criminal and marriage records to any woman they want to correspond with overseas? However, when Men or Women join a match.com or any other dating service no one is required to do this? See the double standard? It specifically targets men who are looking for relationships with women not from the US and therefore it blatantly targets and restricts them.

According to another contributor the VAWA – Violence Against Women Act allows Men to be locked up without due process simply on some loose accusation from the woman alone. This is only supposed to happen in Fascist and Totalitarian countries but unfortunately the foundations for this ominous tragedy have already been set beneath you.

In any-case the legal precedent is established. Men are guilty until proven innocent. The burden of proof is on him to justify his innocence FIRST even if he has done nothing wrong. The US Bill of Rights may have been founded on the fact that we are all innocent until proven guilty but in the case of Men in relation to Foreign women the opposite is true.

If this isn’t a HUGE wake up call to you guys out there then I’m afraid you have already given up your freedom and the very definition of what a Man should be. Because to not resist this is simply waving the white flag and inviting the Feminist to take our society to..

Phase 3

And sadly the fuse for this phase has already been lit.

For Example if a divorced Man is unable to pay his child support even if he is unemployed and looking for a job in many states he is imprisoned. Now the obvious farce is this.. How can a man hope to find work to support his kids if he’s sitting in Jail. How will giving him a criminal record help his ability to find work to support his kids in the future? Clearly it won’t.. so I believe that these types of penalties are designed to be ingenious ways to lock up large numbers of non-violent law abiding Men on any given whim. The mere threat of this is often more then enough to effectively place the dog leash around a Man for the rest of his life.

To better illustrate this one must understand how the control game is played by malicious governments intent on gradually squeezing your freedoms away from you.

Numerous laws are constantly created dealing with all aspects of your life. Everything from a thousand pages of tax codes to countless registration laws required just to operate a car, go to work or have a business. So many laws are created that at some point everyone is “guilty” of one violation or another. Often times this happens without even knowing that the law in question existed in the first place!

This is a very old game. Because if you ever fall out of line with the wrong person or violate some political correctness code you are opening yourself up to any number of consequences based on any number of laws you are sure to have already violated. And with this they can literally get you anytime.

The classic example of this is to be suddenly prosecuted by the Tax Authorities if by chance someone with the right connections doesn’t like you.

Compounding this is the fact that in an increasingly computerized and surveillance oriented society the ability to capture any infractions and store them for retrieval becomes nearly unlimited. For example we now have remote wireless webcams that are the size of a small screw which are nearly invisible and can be placed anywhere.

So how does all of this relate to Feminism?

Well the Feminist keep pushing for even more and stronger “equality” or “protection” laws which only increases the number of booby-traps buried in the field of life that you Men must try to walk across.

You are especially in danger if your are a heterosexual Man simply trying to fullfill your most basic instincts for wanting love, affection and sex. The feminist know this and want to exploit this most fundamental instinct of our manhood and turn it into a literal crime.

It’s very easy for them to do this especially if they are successful in attempting to humiliate you first. All they have to do to gain this leverage and to try to do harm against you it to simply claim that you are sexually harassing them. While at the same time they get to freely “empower” themselves by executing their own “sexual freedom” which is really just an excuse for them to cover up for their own whoring around. The more they can point the finger at you and label you as a predator the more they can hide (or flaunt) their own sins of the flesh.

Men this is really no different then what happened in Nazi Germany. Because your life would take on a new dark dimension during this period if anyone were to openly label you as a Jew and force you to wear a Star of David on your chest.

Because of this the Feminist have a huge advantage since they know that we as Men naturally want to be loved and admired by them as Women so our guard is intentionally kept down as we submit to their many whims in the hopes of receiving some emotional reward.. These whims may seem like a cute joke at first but it quickly becomes morbidly serious as your freedoms and your free-will are gradually drained away.

Some people would scoff at this and call it being “Pussy Whipped”… And admittedly it is an amusing description.

But on a much deeper level.. no matter how awkward his approach may be.. this is simply about a man who is looking for his beloved.

The tragedy of course is that any man who does this in our modern society is walking across a field completely loaded with social, economic and emotional landmines.

Heaven only knows how we have reached such a twisted and deranged moment in Human history. A “modern” moment where a Man’s very instincts for finding love, stability, and affection means that he is treading into a degrading and lethal environment.


And his life and soul are shredded into pieces.

Clearly it doesn’t have to be this way. And any one who has followed what I’ve been saying may have already started to understand the obvious.

That having a good and traditional Woman in your life is one of the most powerful solutions any man could hope for.

A Woman who is NOT a blind supporter but someone who truly understand that her own success and destiny are intimately tied into yours.

A Woman who understand that a Man’s world is already filled with risks, worldly pressures and dangers as he tries to advance his family through the inevitable resistance of an increasingly cold and competitive battlefield.

A Woman who understands that her critical role in all of this is to provide loving sanctuary for him and their children.

A Woman who understands that one pillar of this sanctuary is her love while the other is something we once called H O M E.

A Woman who understands that she is the master of this home in order for you to try to master the world.

A Woman who understands the velvet glove like comforts of a Summer Cottage.. but when required also knows the iron fisted strength of a fortress.

But above all..

A Woman who fills her Man with inspiration, purpose and joy.

And against this Gentlemen.. the Feminist don’t stand a chance…

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