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I am constantly amazed at how our society has come to a point of repression to where we are not supposed to be free to use the words “Ugly” or “Fat”.

The road to HELL is always paved with “good” Feminist intentions. So in their zeal to further control our behavior by controlling our language they decide to invent new terms like “alternative appearance” or “appetite challenged”.

Communism was such a great experiment to see if these ideas for promoting “equality” were right. According to it.. if we could just make “everyone equal” we would all have a more harmonious and prosperous existence.

But what many people don’t realize is that to make everyone “equal” is to forcefully degrade everyone to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR.

Or in other words let’s force everyone to be lazy, un-motivated, jealous and ignorant. Once people reach this point the only way they can make themselves feel good is by tearing into someone else that has something they don’t like money, beauty, or a husband.

And then this turns into a vicious cycle.

You see when a virus like this is firmly embedded within any culture it leads to outright sabotage and “theft” on a massive scale so that no one can move up.

In Western Countries such as the US this “theft” manifests itself in the divorce courts where the majority of Men face the prospects of having their property, parental rights, and even their liberty taken from them.

I once heard of a ghetto term that perfectly illustrates this and it’s called “crabs”. If you’ve ever seen a bucket full of crabs then you know that once one crab tries to rise and leave the bucket.. all of the other crabs will drag this poor crab back down.

If anyone doesn’t believe me about how destructive this system of crab-like “equality” is then they should come to any ex-Soviet country and see how thoroughly it crushes a Man’s spirit and turns millions of people into the walking dead. Russia’s demographics and it’s very ability to hold the country together in the no so distant future is endangered because of this very reason.

Kill a person’s spirit and you will soon kill their bodies..

Try to make everyone “equal” within any society and watch it slide into the WORST that human beings and history has to offer.


So get this… Did you know that there is a growing movement primarily in the US to start promoting physically UGLY and FAT women as being on “Equal” physical terms with women who are beautiful.

Well guess what this means for you Guys?

It means that US and Western women who have any potential at beauty will start to physically degrade themselves in order to go with the new LOWERED STANDARD of beauty which becomes the NORM.

Just like with Communism our society starts to believe that we can alter nature’s most basic fundamental principals of CAUSE and EFFECT. ie. We try to cushion or remove people from experiencing the consequences of their own decision.. like getting FAT… and that encourages all other women to get laxed and to do the same…

And consequences always follows.

So US and Western women allow themselves to get Fat, to wear loose baggy “hood” style clothes everywhere, not shave their arm pits or legs, get large tattoos, have piercings in strange places, etc. etc.. you starting to get the picture?

Unfortunately I’m sure you do..

Because it’s all around you. American & Western Women are letting themselves go to complete dog do-do because they believe that’s this is the NORMAL thing to do. In this nasty cultural environment ALL WOMEN even naturally beautiful ones would face a strong and growing temptation “to blend in” with the rest.

AND just for added measure..

Just to make sure that we are forced to complete their DENIAL for them..

We are “supposed” to ignore this and “accept them” for who they are.. We are not supposed to say that the women that surround us are FAT and UGLY. If any of you guys DARE do this then be prepared for a Harassment complaint or even a Lawsuit.

Guys I hate to say this but..

Welcome to the New Feminist USSR.

So next time you are out and about.. take special notice of the Women around you. Look at how they dress and hear what they say.. and more importantly HOW they say it. Hopefully after reading this you will gain a whole new perspective on the sad state of affairs that our female counterparts are unconsciously wallowing in.

In anycase let me just close this off on a positive note by sharing a very old Russia proverb with you..

“Women fall in love with their ears..”

“While Men fall in love with their EYES..”

Gentlemen.. Certain Truths never change..

And THANK GOD Russian Women understand this.

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