From Jess

Actually it is the FEMALE that is the most selective. We are made to pick the healthy men to have our babies and then the stable ones to help raise them and provide for the family. If we all followed our nature our preferred partner would be someone with good genes who is physically fit, attractive, intelligent and a good provider (sense of humor sold separately). We look for those good genes to pass them down to our children. Of course we live in a modern world (i.e women no longer need a ‘provider’) and remember that we are still evolving.

I really can’t say much about Western women because I don’t understand them. And yes I am one of them (Canadian). I’ve talked to male friends about their problems with women and I honestly can not fathom the actions and reasoning of those said females. From girls cheating to using men for their money or expecting to be treated like queens while they don’t do anything at all for their partners. A relationship is supposed to be 50/50. That’s the way I see it.

Though if you’re the type of men who expect women to be their ’slaves’ (cook and clean (kids optional) all day while looking perfect with a bright smile on her face. And have sex whenever you want and fulfill your every fantasy while you don’t even do anything to sexually please her) while you treat her like shit then I can’t help you there. Just wait for the moment that your dying and then realize that even if you had someone, you really were alone.

Also I think that we all, instead of blaming everyone else, should take a look inside. Have you though that maybe, JUST maybe, it’s you?

Hi Jess,

I originally felt like you were presenting a rational post until you flip flopped and pushed the standard Feminist accusation that Men who want more STABLE wives in their lives are looking for “Slaves”..

I really thought about trying to craft a polite response to you because you showed some sympathies towards your male friends and the difficulties they have with their wives or girlfriends.

Unfortunately you have bought into too much of the Feminist “party line” for this so there is really no other way to get my point across (and to maybe get you to think differently) unless I come out and admonish you with both guns blazing..

So saying that.. I have 2 things I’d like to bring up…


You mentioned that you had a hard time understanding why the women associated with your male friends were so manipulative or dysfunctional.

So as you keep this in mind.. Let me ask you something..

WHEN was the last time you actually met a Manipulative Man who wanted a “Slave”?

I’m willing to BET you haven’t..

It’s because the simple ECONOMICS of supply and demand for qualified women to be suitable marriage partners (to qualified men) in the US and the WEST make this scenario EXTREMELY unlikely.

Because of this.. the premise that you floated that perhaps it “maybe a Man’s fault” for not being able to create a happy marriage is CLEARLY in the MINORITY.

This is because by definition.. If Good Men CANNOT EASILY find Good Women to build a stable family with then I can guarantee you that Bad Men will find it IMPOSSIBLE to do so.

  • Are the Men you are friends with “Bad Men”?
  • Are they Stupid?
  • Do they have serious Character Flaws?
  • Do they want a “Slave Woman”?

If Not.. Then why in the Hell are they having so many problems with Women?

Is it their Fault?


Are they Good and Decent Men who cannot find Good Women out of no fault of their own or lack of effort on their part?

Answer this question and multiply it by 100 Million and you begin to see the real picture.

So now that i’ve illustrated the REAL big picture I firmly believe that we must question what is ACTUALLY behind the Feminist AGENDA in order for them to so strongly perpetuate destructive myths about Men.

Could it be similar to the belief that Hitler promoted about Jewish people being responsible for all of Germany’s problems before and during World War II? Hitler was evil but he wasn’t completely stupid.. He knew that as long as he could keep his population believing that they were under threat by the Jews and others he had the “Moral” right to marginalize and then exterminate them.

So here’s the main point that I want you to remember..

Every Evil movement in history has ALWAYS targeted another group to denigrate and neutralize in order to GAIN POWER.

The Feminist belief that “it’s all a Man’s Fault” is all too OBVIOUSLY part of this process.

(Please read my previous article if you’d like to learn more..)

But the bigger problem for Modern Women is this.

After WWII the German people were treated as pariahs for their complicity in advancing the Nazi agenda and the incredible destruction of European & Russian society that it spawned. Because of the anti-Jewish propaganda they were subjected to.. most of the German people at that time felt that they were RIGHT to blindly follow Hitler whom they regarded as a Savior.

But after the War.. and once the Truth on Hitler was exposed.. the once proud Germans experienced DEEP SHAME in knowing that they were judged by the world as not only FOOLS but also as EVIL people as well. And even after 60 years they are STILL dealing with this shame to this day.

So what does this means for any woman who “still believes” in Feminism.

It doesn’t take much to be on the wrong side of history and to be judged harshly by your peers or even future generations. One naive belief in a vicious but trendy idea without questioning it is often all that it takes.

And Jess I don’t think this is what you want your life to be seen as..


Jess are you saying that anyone who cooks, cleans, changes diapers and sexually satisfies their partner is a “Slave”?

Well then according to your definition I am a Slave and so are Millions of other Men as well! And you don’t really see us bitching about doing this work now do you?

Are you ALSO telling me that women like you are TOO GOOD to cook, clean, change diapers, and sexually satisfy their partner? Well if that’s the case then you and any Woman who thinks this has ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS being involved in a marriage.

Quite frankly all of this Feminist Dogma about being liberated from house work and child care is a pretty poor spin for what the REAL TRUTH is..

The truth of someone who flaunts a “Liberated Woman” tag as a poor attempt to hide that they are just another sad old self-centered narcissist.

“Me me me me me me me.. and oh by the way any problems I have is all a Man’s fault!”

This is called Mass Denial.. And consequently.. the Communist tried to do something very similar.. Their loud screams and bloody purges in the name of “equality” and “liberation” was really a bad cover-up for their own laziness, envy and theft..

Wow.. Doesn’t that sound like a full-on Feminist agenda if I ever heard of one!

So guess how much respect Communism got from the rest of the world for promoting this?

So boys and girls.. can you say “Failed Societies”?

And when you think about the “Equality” of Feminism..

Can you say “Failed Families” which can easily lead to another “Failed Society”..

You need to understand that the people who were brought up in a Communist environment are widely considered to be a “lost generation”. I am certain that history will pay the feminist movement and it’s followers the same judgment.

So let me push the pause button on this history lesson and give you the bottom line..

And this is something I want you to understand the next time you feel like implying that basic family duties are “beneath” your dignity as a woman.

Russian women are REAL Women because they traditionally view family duties NOT as a burden but as an HONOR.

  • There is HONOR in taking care of your children.
  • There is HONOR in taking care of your husband.
  • There is HONOR in taking care of your family.

And there is COMPLETE HONOR for any Man to be a part of this woman’s life.

You mentioned that a “Modern society” produces “Modern women” who have NO need for a provider.. Well this is something we actually agree on. I’m sure that “Modern women” would make excellent business partners and co-workers and of course they are fully free to be as “Independent” as they want..


Life NEVER allows you to have it both ways no matter how much any Modern Women want this to be true.. You cannot have a car that is both an SUV and a sports car. It’s either one or the other.. And likewise you CANNOT be a “liberated” career woman who “doesn’t need a man as a provider” AND still believe you can be a good mother or wife.

This is all so obvious.. BECAUSE a woman who identifies herself as a Feminist Career Woman DOES NOT have the necessary Motivation or the Character required to be a good wife or mother.

There is simply WAY too much of a Conflict of Interest for it to work out.

And that means that any man who is foolish or unfortunate enough to have a serious relationship with a woman like this is just sitting on a time bomb.

Furthermore, any children who are born under this false pretense of “Family” are emotionally cheated beyond belief.. They are the ones who always pay the steepest price for the selfishness of their “Liberated” Mothers.

And often.. it’s a price these children have to pay for the rest of their lives.

Ultimately when the time comes and this woman is ready to meet her maker.. As she lies there in bed during the last few moments of her life.. Will she look up to see the grim faces and disappointed expressions of her children?

Or will she just simply be alone?