September 2006

Don’t ask me where I heard this..

And it could be a total rumor for all I know..

But someone mentioned that Justin Timberlake was actually spotted in Belarus looking for a Girlfriend.

Now this is one of those things that on one hand surprises me.. but as you can guess on the other hand it dosen’t.

I assumed (and I’m sure most people would as well) that a young Man who was Britney Spear’s ex-boyfriend and a current Pop-Star Icon would be awash with the kind of female attention that would normally be reserved for… well guys like him..


More photos posted!

Now you probably don’t need me to tell you this but it’s still worth mentioning..

As you look at the photos I’ve been posting I want you to be especially aware of the “story” that each one tell you.

I’ve noticed that many Russian people are very good at deeply reading into a person’s facial expressions. They have this uncanny ability to tell you a person’s emotional state and their background character far better then most Americans or Westerner’s I’ve known. This is a valuable skill to develop.

It’s hard for faces to lie.. Especially the eyes.. And if you start keeping this in mind as you look at all of these photos I’m sure you will be able to develop your intuition and to learn a whole heck of alot..

So scroll below and enjoy!



That’s right..

And I’m pointing my finger right through the computer screen at YOU..

So let me say it again..

(cause it make Dr. Evil Feel good)


Oh.. Yeah.. and maybe me too..

So let me cut to the chase here..

Understanding Basic Economics is all you really need to know about life..

EVERYTHING and EVERYONE has value based along 3 primary variables..

  • Location
  • Characteristics
  • Time

For Example:

If I sell a can of coke in a market stall filled with other sellers then the perceived and therefore actual value of that Coke is very low.. Because you can find that Coke EVERYWHERE!

Today I overheard one of my married lady friends named Lena talking with her girlfriends about how much they love to watch “Desperate Housewives” and “Sex in the City”.

I was contemplating a good cry in my coffee as I thought to myself..

“Oh No..”

“The Cultural Assimilation of Russia has just reached another milestone. All of these perfectly wonderful women are about to get ruined with another volley of Anti-Male Hollywood propaganda.”

“We are all DOOMED..”


One of my Russian Lady friends named Anna (who has her photo displayed here) currently lives and works in Berlin. We keep in touch frequently and she tells me that she really enjoys this site and had no idea I would actually do something like this.. so it’s been fun to surprise her.. and me too..

Gentlemen.. If you ever have the privlidge of meeting this beautiful woman you will not find a more funnier and charming girl on this planet. She has one of those lite happy auras that just envelops you and absolutely forces you to break out a huge grin no matter what kind of mood your in.. and once you start smiling you don’t even consciously know why you’re doing it..

She’s probably turning bright red right now reading this.. but it’s all TOTALLY true because if you ever look up the word Charisma in the dictionary you will see her name and picture.


I am a big modern jazz and fusion fan..

And one of the groups that I literally worship is the Pat Metheny Group. I’ve seen this guy and his band play 6 times and every experience was just beyond incredible.

I remember the 3rd time I saw them.. UC Berkeley Greek Theater about 15 years ago. The energy was intense and the vibration of the music was completely pure and transcendental..

This was certainly one of those moments when one can say that they were having a Religious Experience..


70 Years ago in her native country my Grandmother was a young impoverished and abandoned girl.

She had no education nor cultivation of any kind.. but the one thing she did master was survival and obeying the law of the streets in the town she lived.  A brutal place where the cost of life was cheap..  and the cost of death was often much cheaper.

As fate would have it she managed to get a young Man to fall for her.  A young man who was to be my Grandfather.

At the time my Grandfather came from a wealthy and well known family.  And this family was horrified at the thought of “That Woman” being part of their clan..   They did everything they could to humiliate her..

And they succeeded. 


Do you remember “Jenny” from the movie Forest Gump?

I thought she was one of the most complex but tortured characters I’ve ever seen on screen. And every time I watch this movie I’m reminded of some of women I’ve known who are equally tortured.

Jenny if you remember came from the small backwater town of Greenbow Alabama where she was sexually abused as a child by her impoverished alcoholic share cropper father. Jenny’s only goal in her young life was shown to us on her little knees in a cornfield as she desperately prayed..

“Dear God.. Please turn me into a bird so I can fly far far away…”
“Dear God.. Please turn me into a bird so I can fly far far away…”

And she did fly away.. In more ways then you could possibly imagine..

Because Jenny flew straight into the arms of insanity..

And it killed her in the end..


First off I’d like to give some credit to the dissenting women who are capable of remaining civil.

I respect the voicing of any civilized opinion here even if you already know that many others Men like myself would disagree with it. But because I believe in Free Speech I also believe that we are better Men for addressing some of your points because I am certain that untold millions of other women believe what you do as well.

And I have no problem holding up the TRUTH I know to yours.


It was probably about 30F degrees today with a strong wind blowing in from the arctic.

In the time that I have been here this has to have been the shortest summer I’ve ever experienced in my life. I am truly amazed at how quickly this autumn cold and rain has literally dropped in on us. No use trying to use an umbrella today unless you wanted to turn it completely inside out and then throw it away.

One of my lady friends from the Northern Regions just informed me that it has already started to snow where she is from. Amazing.. and we are only in the last half of September.

Here’s the funny thing though..


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