Hey GL,

I thought of something while tending bar the other night. American girls, I’ve noticed, have grown more and more “okay” with making out with other girls (and other forms of intimacy)… I see it all the time in bars, clubs, and on TV! Why do you think this is, and is it prevalent among females in Russia? Seems like just one more of the un-lady like qualities of american women… They are all warped! Interested to hear your thoughts.

Rock & Roll,

Hi Will,

Yes.. This IS an interesting subject.. And actually it’s quite a deep one too. We won’t be talking about Russian Women with this post so much but it’s still important to better understand what Feminism has done to our Culture in the US and Western Countries. Because once we do this we can really appreciate what Russian women offer us that much more.

So accordingly I’ll need to break this up into a few parts in order to give you the real deal. Cause as always what you see on the surface reveals much about our society and the part we choose to play in it..

So please bear with me as we start with this..

Sex has a few different forms of expression..

Procreation, Love, Affection, Entertainment, Thrills, Addiction and…


So saying this.. Let me ask you 2 Questions..


  • When was the last time YOU felt like you wanted to act out your sexuality in a public place filled with people?

Now if your a semi-normal person the answer is probably NEVER.

(Yes I know there are people who get physically turned on in doing this in public but I’m not referring to them cause that’s more related to an exhibitionistic “thrill” then anything else. )

If you’re like most people you NATURALLY go to a quiet and PRIVATE place to be intimate with your partner.

I’m certain that no one taught you this because it is clearly something that you already knew from waayy back.

So WHY is this so OBVIOUS and INSTINCTIVE for us?

Because having sex in complete privacy allows you to focus solely on each other.

And more importantly this privacy is needed to build TRUST between the two of you.

Because being Naked with someone in both the flesh and in spirit is a PROFOUND moment of vulnerability and acceptance.

And keep in mind what I said in a previous post..

You CANNOT have LOVE without Vulnerability.

So can you see why most people clearly require privacy and quiet intimacy to do this?

In any case let’s contrast this with your two pseudo-lesbian bar chicks giving each other tongue in public..

Obviously these Girls AREN’T expressing their true love for each other with this public “Act”.

Instead it’s painfully clear that they are trying to cover-up some major personal insecurities by force feeding a freak show to the public.. and by the way.. where do you think the slang term “Freak” came from?

If this weren’t BAD Enough.. wait till what comes next..

In a SAD attempt to pass themselves off as “Sexy”, “Socially Conscious”, “Rebels with a Cause” or any other “badge of honor” they can think of..

(i.e.. “Hey everybody! Look at me i’m sooo special…”)

They will try to PULL A FAST ONE by re-labeling this personal manifestation of emotional insecurity and Self-Righteously FLAUNT IT as “Freedom of Expression” or “Open Sexuality”.

Can you say..

“It’s getting a little deep in here..?”


  • WHO do you REALLY think these girls are doing this for?
  • Themselves?
  • Or to Attract Attention from other Men..

This is really NO Different from the insecure kid you knew in school who was ALWAYS trying to show off and to be a crowd pleaser.. He thinks he’s being cool but every kid who sees him is laughing at him and is truly embarrassed at how much of a SORRY ASS he’s making out of himself.

It’s PAINFULLY Obvious that his insecurities are SO DEEP that he’s desperate for attention.. ANY Attention.. So when the audience cheers him on for providing “cheap entertainment” he gets reinforced into believing.. “Wow maybe I’m cool!” when in reality they only want to see JUST HOW FAR he’s willing to go to be EVEN MORE of an ASS…

Now it’s the same deal with these 2 chicks except for one little itty-bitty tiny twist…

Substitute the word “Ass” with “Whore”.

And this is where it ties into the Sex and Power deal I mentioned above..

You see on some level girls who openly promote themselves as sluts do have some level of Sexual “Power”..


As they say.. This is gonna be a real SHORT ride honey..

Or in other words..

WHAM, BAM, Thank You Mam..

You see when a woman markets herself as a whore the only real value she’s really advertising to a man is to be a short term sperm receptacle..

Boy that’s REAL Power eh?

Any Hooker understands that this is the oldest game in the book. Because Hookers do everything they can to flaunt their “sexiness” and then hold back the actual sex as long as possible so that they can watch lonely Men turn into circus animals and jump through rings of fire. This just allows a Hooker to maximize her price for some fast doggie style action and a blowjob.

However, the only difference between a Hooker and the Feminist Women that surround you is the level of honesty..

Because a Prostitute is FAR more honest about her offerings and I can respect that ANY DAY of the week over a Feminist who tries to make her living off of FALSE ADVERTISING.

It’s really no different if I tease my cat by holding a piece of meat just beyond his reach as he tries to jump over and over again to reach it.

This is an insightful analogy because the next time women complain that Men ONLY treat them like a PIECE OF MEAT.. watch how she acts and I’m certain you’ll understand why.

So back to the chicks making out in the bar..

Take a second to imagine this..

Picture a bunch of those “free food sample” stands at your local Wal-Mart.

Got it..?

Ok now imagine that instead of a normal Wal-Mart you are actually in a Wall-Mart from HELL.

You have a bunch of food sample ladies who are all competing for attention from a captive audience.

Two of these ladies at the same booth decide to lock lips in an OBVIOUS attempt to attract attention to THEMSELVES and to advertise their “Daily Special” of some nasty looking pieces of chopped liver served in dixie cups with toothpicks..

Now any normal Guy like you and me doesn’t need to get too close to know that this chopped liver SMELLS REAL BAD

AND WE SURE AS HELL KNOW that it doesn’t taste very good… So you politely smile.. hold up your hand and say.. “No thanks.”

But because your in HELL..

(and keep in mind hopefully you are only there for a short visit.)

These food sample ladies shamelessly urge you to reconsider because they ACTUALLY BELIEVE that they are offering prepared slices of tender Filet Minion on elegant china and silverware to you.

AND they ALSO ACTUALLY BELIEVE that once you “taste” it you will just grab that frozen package sitting next to them and head straight for the check-out counter.

Now the reason they believe this is because unfortunately there are a bunch of hungry and homeless looking Guys who are condemned to live in HELL and are forced to wander around with no money going from one food sample lady to the next hoping to feed themselves this way.

And when this happens the food sample ladies bitterly bitch..

“Why are THESE guys here?”


“Why aren’t we getting quality guys who would be willing to actually pay for what we have?”

Deep down inside these girls probably aren’t too happy to be there.. Unfortunately this type of “attention” that they get is enough to make them believe their own illusion.

The illusion that their “food” is actually something that they “KNOW” ALL MEN must have.

And Unfortunately because of this..

These girls truly BELIEVE that they have “Power”

BUT to add insult to injury in the often cruel comedy of life..

This “Power” is probably the only form of emotional reinforcement they’ve ever “taken notice of”..

And this causes them to push themselves deeper and deeper into a very nasty trap

Until one day… this sad little bubble pops and they wake up to find that they have squandered the best years of their life away and have no rosy future to look forward too.

And when this happens..

They start throwing the chopped liver at you..

So predictable.. and so sad..

Put enough of these women together and you will see why they never snap out of it or wake up because of their unwillingness to look at something called..


But heck at the very least.. Now you guys understand what eating in Hell is like..

And I personally think that you might be ready for an authentic home cooked meal by now.

And if you make it to Russia I’m sure you will find out what that’s all about.

Oh and by the way.. You won’t find Good Russian Girls doing these kinds of things in public and thankfully they are clearly in the majority over here.

(click here for part 2)