So here’s the big test to see if two women making out at a bar were on to something..

Or on something.

Think back for a second.

Were you turned on when Madonna and Britney Spears gave each other tongue on TV?

Did that scene just really turn your crank?

Or did it turn you off?

Answer this question and you will understand what the deal is the next time you see two chick doing the same thing in public…

See here’s the problem with all of this..

Most of this stuff is totally FAKE and just meant to gain and manipulate an audience into believing that these girls are supposed to be “mysterious” and sexually interesting. But unfortunately even if it’s fake.. it still gets sold as not only being “Real” but also “Fashionable” as well.

Keep in mind that Madonna and Britney Spears copied that routine straight out of the Lesbian Scandal playbook of a famous RUSSIAN Girl Group called Tatu. I’m sure you might have heard of them before.. Anyways here the kicker. After these girls promoted themselves as Lesbian lovers on stage and in public in order to get attention and sell CD’s.. guess what.. They came out recently admitting that they weren’t really Lesbians!

If you keep pushing images of Lesbian chicks being cool or black gangsters being the kings of society guess what kids who are brought up on this stuff are going to believe..

“Wow I need to be a Lesbian chick or a Black hip hop Gangster in order to really be cool and accepted in this world!”

And then of course over time some of them will wander into your bar and try to recreate the lesbian music video that is going off in their head. Mental pictures of other women making out and getting nasty with each other in.. guess what.. another bar!

Guys as you read this..

There is one thing I ALWAYS want you to Please REMEMBER.


In case you haven’t figured this out yet.. MTV is the greatest PROPAGANDA tool in the history of Mankind.

Stalin and Hitler would’ve been proud.. and seriously.. I’m NOT exaggerating.

Let me tell you something that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck when I first discovered it.

It’s a known psychological fact that one of the best ways to BRAINWASH someone is to constantly expose them to rapidly shifting images. Typically a 3 seconds interval between different scenes is used.

If I did this to you I could accomplish 2 powerful things.


The more I can flood your vision with rapidly changing scenes the more you are instinctively compelled to watch and You CANNOT LOOK AWAY.

This visual instinct is literally written into our DNA because any animal that doesn’t quickly notice something changing in it’s environment.. like a predator.. is quickly turned into lunch.

So the next time you see any music video on TV.. Do a fun little exercise..

Count to yourself..


And just WATCH how this count magically matches the flashing images you see on the screen.

The people who make music video’s TOTALLY UNDERSTAND that this primal aspect of our physiology is always in play..

And they EXPLOIT IT in a powerful attempt to literally Enslave our MINDS.


Your Subconscious mind can accept visual information much faster then your conscious mind.

Your conscious mind serves as a gate keeper for information because it analyzes and then either accepts or rejects what it processes. If it accepts it then this information is allowed to become a part of your subconscious.

So here’s the deal..

90% of your identity is in your Subconscious.

If I flood your vision with rapidly changing scenes it will OVERWHELM your conscious mind just like a New Orleans Levy BREAK and flows straight into your subconscious.

Your subconscious CANNOT hold back this flood of information so it just simply stores it right away into the deepest wells of your mind.


“I… Want… My.. M.. T.. V….. I… Want… My.. M.. T.. Veeeeeee…”

All music videos are ENGINEERED to EASILY BY-PASS your consciousness in order to alter your thinking and personality.

AND Women are Especially Susceptible to this effect

Because given specifically ENGINEERED Visual Stimulation their BRAINS UNLEASH much more powerful emotional rewards in the form of endorphins and hormones then what goes on within a Man’s Brain.

Through Million’s of years of evolution..

Mother Nature designed Women this way for a VERY GOOD reason..

Because in-order for her to instinctively PROTECT her babies in a hostile environment at ALL COST she must have an incredibly deep emotional connection with that baby.

An emotional connection SO STRONG that she would be willing to sacrifice her own welfare and even her own life in order to PROTECT her child.

So now that you understand this fundamental part of a Woman’s Humanity..

Let me tell you what TRUE EVIL is..


Is the INTENTIONAL process of turning a Woman’s Natural Motherly instincts… AGAINST HERSELF.

Take these Powerful Instincts that were designed to assist a Biological Mother in nurturing her child…

Then TWIST them into creating a Biological Weapon of Toxic Emotions that infects anyone within a given range.

A Weapon primarily designed to target Men with..

But a device that also quickly destroys the women who carry it.

A Weapon that’s created with mass-production like efficiency as the MTV driven conveyor belt rolls and inserts a NASTY computer-like virus into the Emotional Programming of MILLIONS of unsuspecting hosts..

A Virus that is written and based on the following lines of Code..

  2. Don’t ever get Married and let a Man turn you into a SLAVE
  3. Why would you want to spend your life being a Slave to BRATTY Kids!
  4. NEVER Trust a Man
  5. REAL Women are Independent Career Women

Once injected..

These parasitic pathogens are EXTREMELY Effective in MUTATING a Woman’s Healthy Emotional System into an Angry and Self-Destructive Cancer..

Because although her Natural Motherly instincts maybe strong..

There is ANOTHER INSTINCT that she possesses that is often Even STRONGER..

And this instinct is Completely Exploited by this Virus to create MILLIONS of copies of itself.


You Men must understand that for a Woman…

the Fear of Rejection is often MUCH WORSE then her own Fear of Death..

And because ALL of the above attitudes are FIRMLY BASED on this Fear..

A woman who wield this against her sisters is really no different from a kidnapper sticking a gun in people’s faces and holding them hostage.

At that moment her emotional hostages are powerless and they start to experience a famous psychological phenomenon called the Stockholm Syndrome.

In a nutshell the Stockholm Syndrome describes how people who have been kidnapped and held hostage ACTUALLY start to believe and TAKE SIDES with their captors.

The most famous case of this was with Patricia Hearst who was the daughter of the media tycoon William Hearst.

Patty Hearst was kidnapped and held for years by a bizarre 70’s counter-culture cult called the Symbianese Liberation Army or SLA. When she reappeared it was discovered that she had voluntarily turned into an active collaborator..

And with a machine gun literally in her hands.. she participated in bank robberies and terrorist plots.

Patty Hearst was eventually captured by the police but even during this time when it was clear that the SLA could no longer harm or force her to comply..

She VEHEMENTLY DEFENDED THEM and their twisted beliefs. It took YEARS of extensive psychological “de-programming” for her to get her original identity back.

So how does this all relate to two girls making out in a bar?

Well I challenge you to come up with any other reason as to why suddenly we have LARGE numbers of Women who are willing to sexually act out in public and damage their ability to establish real relationships.

Relationships that they ultimately need to build upon to start families with while their own biological clocks are ticking away.

This is because Mass Media propagates a Feminist Agenda that comes straight out of the ANTI-FAMILY Playbook.

And the best way they can spread this is through an absolutely lethal combination of Seductive Madonna Style Propaganda and Heavily Enforced Cultural Norms.

So in the course of reading this..

I hope you realize some important facts.

The Fact that the Feminist ACTUALLY BELIEVE that their anti-Family ideas are more “natural” then traditional Family based ones.

The Fact that they ACTUALLY BELIEVE that all that is required to spread their destructive Anti-Men Ideology is to “educate” other women so that they may also “see the light” and join their “cause”.

Because of this..

Feminism is supposed to be a movement of “Enlightenment”

This… is… a… Lie…

Because Feminism is a Movement of FEAR.

  • The Fear of Rejection from other Women.
  • The Fear of Men as Oppressors
  • The Fear of not being seen as a “REAL Woman” if one chooses Marriage, Husband & Children

Gentlemen there is a great Cultural Evil lurking among us..

A Machivellian Adversary that has no parallels in our known history.

For it is the Evil that uses FEAR to turn the Women we Love.. into the Weapons we Loath.

This Fear knows how to turn an open hand into a fist..

or a crucifix into a dagger.

And when this woman approaches you with something clutched tightly in her hand..

You will likely not know what it is.

Because truly neither does she.

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