What was her Ex-husband THINKING?

This GUY was clearly NUTS to divorce the woman that I met today.

Some things in this world make no sense and this was clearly one of them…

I was visiting a friend at a local university and in the staff room was an absolutely beautiful and statuesque woman who was waiting for her next class. She was a Psychology Professor standing about 5′ 9″ with long blond hair and aqua-marine blue eyes.

She was taking a casual break before her next class and I decided to introduce myself and strike up a conversation.. come to find out that she speaks pretty decent English but is shy to converse in it as with most of the English speaking women in Russia.

In anycase I found myself immediately comparing her to a much more beautiful version of the movie actress Emma Thompson.

Her name was Lena.. and I was shocked to find a solitary gold ring on her left ring finger because for some reason I had assumed that a woman this beautiful was sure to be married.

Well she WAS..

But NOT today..

As we talked I found out that she was raising her 10 year old son by herself..

Nevertheless.. at the moment she mentioned him you could see a beam of joy coming from her eyes.

Since we both love psychology we naturally had something to talk about and Lena was filled with passion and depth for her subject.

She marvelled at the studies that she had researched and participated in.. and I marvelled at the grace and poise of her conversational skills. Underlying all of this was a real sense of modesty and even shyness that is quite common with the women here.

Bell rang.. she warmly smiled.. excused herself and went off to teach her lesson.

And if I had the time this was one lesson that I wish I didn’t have to miss..