I really should have titled this..

How the “War of the Sexes” get’s played out in our lives

We human beings are creatures of imitation. We need to watch others in order to determine our own range of behaviors. We start this process as infants and it continues on indefinitely throughout our lives.

Anytime we turn on the TV, we are being bombarded with “updated views” on what “Modern Women” are supposed to be like. Porn Stars, Sex vixens and Sluts seem to dominate the imagery that hits our eyes.. along with the eyes of impressionable women everywhere.

If we as a society don’t believe that the media has a profound effect towards radically changing someone’s behavior then we are only kidding ourselves. Unfortunately this is exactly the kind of belief that “enlightened” Western women lean towards. They like to actually believe that they are too smart or sophisticated to be touched by this.

But here’s the bottom line..

When women start acting like Madonna wannabe’s they are openly marketing themselves as SEX for POWER players.

The Media Barron’s who run the Hollywood and NYC Media establishments have much to gain by continuously promoting this agenda because sex sells and it will always draws more eyeballs towards their programs in order to increase their advertising revenue.

These modern-day puppet masters would want you to believe that the slutty images of women they promote are “Alluring”, “Mysterious”,”Exciting” or any other number of false adjectives. And if you want sick proof of just how powerful this influence is then just ask any number of women about their opinion of Madonna and I’m positive you will unfortunately be fed back mostly positive responses.

So the SEX for POWER programming catches on like a bad virus and embeds itself into the subconscious of millions of it’s hosts.

And then suddenly you wake up one morning to realize that the women surrounding you on some level all aspire to be like the “Material Girl”.. .and all this means is that they sell the fleeting “promise” of a sexual encounter because this is all they really have to offer.

Whether you as a man are aware of these details or not really doesn’t matter because at this point what you already know is that..


We Men instinctively understand that we have very little chances of finding love out of this deal.. so often times we think.. “Well hell I might as well just go for the Sex..”

We do this because we still have a core biological drive to have sex (and this is nothing we need to apologize for). Because of this the only immediate choices we have in dealing with this is to LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE GAME BACK.

Starting to get my point?

So in our daily lives we see a multitude of women acting out a SEX for POWER program and in response to this we Men have the following thoughts in our heads.

“OK so she wants to act like just another MTV Chick.. Well OK… So maybe she’s good enough to F*ck.. But I SURE as HELL would NEVER Marry her!”

So at this moment we give this woman what she openly advertises herself as wanting..

To be treated as a cheap sexual commodity that needs to be “Conquered” or “Bought”..


She would NEVER take responsibility for HOW she’s being treated now would she? Instead she has to say that all men are animals who are only after ONE thing.. But caveat to this is that on some level she still “likes” the attention regardless to whether it is positive or negative.


She decides to try even harder to “Conquer” Men with still MORE of a SEX for POWER routine..

And sadly she believes that marketing herself in this overly sexual manner is the only way for her to receive “respect” as a woman.

Because after all.. she see’s this all the time on TV!

So this is how our vicious cycle begins.. A vicious cycle that is really what the War of the Sexes is all about..

With emotional rocks, arrows, bullets and nukes being thrown at each other it never seems to have a clear end or a clear winner in sight.. This is so because everyone loses..

So let me just finish off this series with a bit of moral clarity.. Because no matter how much a woman may scream that “it’s all a man’s fault”. The destruction caused by this gender conflict is not of our initiating..

Because in this case the sound that you hear of a feminist screaming at you..

Is actually the mark of her own complicity and guilt..