I’ve been going over the traffic analysis reports and I realized something TOTALLY COOL.

“Russian Women the Real Truth” is only a little over 2 months old..

But EACH of the 10 most recent posts gets read on average 100 times EVERY DAY.

What this means is that any single comment you add will be read by 500 people in 5 days or 1000 people in 10 days!

And it will just keep expanding like a GIANT Mushroom Cloud Consuming EVERYTHING in it’s Path

(Oops!  Sorry..  Dr. Evil wants to come out and play..)

But Anyhow.. What a COOL way for you guys to be heard!

So my friends..

Get your inspiration together and let if flow like a New Orleans dike because YOU have a great audience here that is only going to bring you FAME, FORTUNE and BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!

(oh ok.. maybe not the fame and fortune.. but we sure are working on the Beautiful Women part now aren’t we?)

All of us are like the first few fans seated together in a packed Stadium watching a football game.  And together we decide to start one of those human “WAVES”. 

Except in this medium..

Both the Stadium and the WAVE is a WHOLE LOT BIGGER..

Beer Anyone? 😉