In case you haven’t figured it out I am a big believer in Free and Open Markets when it comes to building your future or finding love.

No matter what people tell you about their “opinion” the REAL TRUTH behind their motives always comes down to how they vote with either their money or their feet.

We know that a growing number of Men are willing to “think outside of the box” and to actually vote with our hearts and airline tickets when it comes to voicing our truth as to what type of woman would be the best to build a future with.

However is the reverse true for American and Western Women?

The answer to this lies in seeing just how much of our “Popular Culture” is filled with male bashing messages which crudely implies that the general population of Men are worthless and dumb. However if this were TRULY the case.. then why isn’t there an exodus of these women to other countries to find “better men”?

Or in other words.. How many American or Western women do you see getting married to foreigners?

Now keep in mind this also applies to other Western Countries as well. If Australian Women bitch about Australian Men then how many of these women would be willing to actually put their money where their mouth is and try to find a “better husband” abroad? I’m willing to bet VERY few. So few in fact that it’s essentially non-existent as a trend.

So if you sit back and ponder this.. You might be thinking to yourself..

“Wow this is a pretty twisted mentality we are dealing with here..”

So we have a large proportion of Women who BLATANTLY look down upon the Men that are part of their daily lives.. Yet they WOULDN’T DARE to take any steps themselves to find “better” options outside of their own environment or country.

So does this remind you of anything?

On a humorous level it reminds me of a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

You see no matter how much Tom WANTS to destroy or devour Jerry.. Tom actually NEEDS Jerry to keep on kicking around or else he would suddenly finds his life to be meaningless and empty.

This may be great comedy to watch on the Cartoon Channel but on a darker level we are dealing with a massive case of a sick Co-Dependency within our society.

The feminist within our midst WANTS to do everything they can to put down and blame Men “for their problems” while at the same time THEY NEED US to sit there and to cower to their perceived “dominance”. Tragically it’s often the only way these women can feel emotionally “empowered”.

Now the really sad thing about this whole deal is that there is a significant population of Men who were raised in this environment and led to believe that this should be the normal state of affairs between Men and Women. Unfortunately these Men become willing participants and victims themselves who are in reality equally responsible for the relationship chaos that exists today…

Regrettably.. Not fighting back and allowing this attitude to spread into the lives of other Men is the other half of this sick Co-Dependency..

And By God Gentlemen..

You, Me, and every other Man we know should do our part to wake poor Guys like this up from this very bad dream..

But let’s get back to our Ultimate Acid Test shall we?

The next time you are dealing with a woman who comes up with some off handed slant or cut down about Men.. DO NOT let it slide.. Instead just simply ask her the following questions.

“If you don’t like the Men in this country so much.. why aren’t you going somewhere else to try to find a better one?”

“Also.. do you have some type of sick need to verbally abuse men while  NEEDING them to take it from you because your life is so empty?”

Or in the immortal words of one of my friends..

“Hey Lady.. put up or shut up…”